Hate To Love You

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It was Friday evening. I was completely held up the whole day and thus was completely tired. So I thought of relaxing a bit, before moving to my home. So, I made myself a cup of coffee and enjoyed every sip of it. The aroma of the coffee, makes my mind and body relaxed.

Coffee is the solution to every problem. I dunno, how I am so addicted to coffee, especially filter coffee! Maybe it is because I hail from Chennai or maybe because it is my true love or maybe because it is my savior during my tough times in office. Whatever it is, Coffee is my bae.

While I was busy in my thoughts, my phone buzzed and I picked it up to have a look at it.

'Shreya created group "VIBGYOR"

Shreya added you

Shreya added Sweety

Shreya added Parth

Shreya added Seema

Shreya added Nikhil'

While I was looking into it, there again it popped up, Shreya had added some unknown number. Yes, I guessed right, they have patched up with Shrutha and now as the group is complete, they have created a WhatsApp group with the name VIBGYOR! How childish of them, I wondered. Then again it displayed,

'Shreya changed the group icon.'

She had added our gang pick, where I was holding Shrutha's hand and my mood went off again. I need another cup of coffee now.

As soon as I reached home, I went straight to the bathroom and took a cold bath to cool myself. After a while, when I started to shiver, I came out of the bathroom and wore a T-shirt and track pants, and went straight to the kitchen. While I was searching for snacks on the kitchen shelf, my mother poured some coffee into the mug and passed it to me with some chips on the plate. I started to eat them like a hungry wolf.

"Slow down, nobody is going to snatch them from you.", said my mother concerned.

"I am just hungry.", I replied.

My mother added some more chips to my plate and I smiled wickedly and grabbed the chips box from her hand saying, "This is for me. You eat, whatever is there on the plate." My mother shot daggers at me, then punched my arm.

"Don't blame me, when your stomach gets upset.", she warned.

"Bon appetite.", I smirked raising the chips, and left the kitchen.

"Bon appetite.", she mimicked me, irritated.

I came to the hall switched on the television and was enjoying some good old songs. My mother's phone rang and she was talking to the new tenant on the other side, which reminded me, that I forgot to prepare the Rental Agreement. After the call, I smiled cheekily at my mother and said, "I will do it now."

She replied sternly, "No need, Shekhar helped me." and I was relieved.

Shekhar is our neighbor. Ever since we shifted here, he has helped us a lot, and his mother and my mother are now very good friends. It was him, who suggested my mother, give the upper portion of our house to rent as we were not using it anyway. I did not want to give it to rent, as it is very hard to find trustworthy people nowadays. Because it had two entrances. There was a staircase in the hall as well as outside and also we had to pass those rooms to go to the terrace. Thus this would disturb ours as well their privacy. Though one of the rooms had an attached bathroom, it had no kitchen and I was not ready to invest in it again. Moreover, I was not comfortable with the idea of some stranger staying at our house. So my mother had dropped the idea of it.

But last week, my mother approached me again, telling that one of her friend's daughter, whose name is Jaanu, is really in need of a safer place to stay and she really wanted to help her. She assured me we can trust her, with closed eyes. When I expressed my concern regarding the kitchen, she said not to worry about it as they have decided to cook together in the same kitchen. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she had already decided it by herself and she was just intimating me about it. But Jaanu had insisted upon sharing the expenditure of food, current bill, and water bill, which really impressed me. She had also insisted upon making the rental agreement.

This Sunday she is going to shift. Alas! No more privacy for me. But I agreed for the sake of my mother's happiness. She was very excited, ever since she knew that her Jaanu was going to live at our place.

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