Hate To Love You

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Let's go Shoppingggggg...

As it was Saturday, I slept till eleven. Then after finishing my daily routine I went to the kitchen to have my breakfast. My mother was super irritated with me for the fact, of my waking up on Saturdays and Sundays very late has become a routine now. She just glared at me when I went to ask what was today’s menu for the breakfast?

“It’s called brunch.“, she said angrily.

“Pardon.“, I replied confused.

“Having breakfast almost at the hour of lunch is brunch.“, she replied sarcastically. I smiled at her guiltily.

“Other days I wake up early, for your kind information.“, I argued. She didn’t say anything further, she served me my breakfast, oops sorry, brunch.

“Hmmm, yummy pulao.“, I said after smelling the dish on the plate and gulping the saliva of my mouth. My mother smiled at me and caressed my hair and resumed her half left work in the kitchen, while I was enjoying the spicy pulao.

“Vidhya, aren’t you coming?“, Shekhar’s mother, Sarala aunty entered asking my mother.

“Five minutes, I will get ready.“, replied my mother.

“Amma, where are you both going?“, I asked curiously.

“We are going shopping, and you are coming with us. So, get ready.“, ordered my mother. I was startled by her sudden plan.

“But why?“, I asked.

“Because I am telling you to do so.”

“And why didn’t you inform me before? I am not coming. I didn’t even take bath.“, I burst.

“If you had woken up early, I would have the chance of telling you. But you woke up too late.“, she replied and I was dumbfounded. She continued, “Sammu, tomorrow Jaanu is going to come and I want everything perfect for her. You need not have to follow us in our shopping. You just drop us in the mall, and after we finish shopping, pick us up. That is more than enough.“, she reverted.

“And what should I do to pass my time until then? I hope you know about Bangalore traffic. I would rather book an Uber for you ladies and sit at home.“, I pointed.

“Dare you do that! You know how weak we are in understanding those Apps. And also we cannot locate ourselves to you and wait for those cab drivers, confused. It is the most irritating thing. We will tell him one location and he will come to the other, and by the time he reaches us, he will be more annoyed than us. I lose my patience, also the driver. I don’t want that.“, she said as if she was terrified and I was controlling my laughter after seeing her like that.

“Ouch”, I screamed, when she smacked my elbow.

“Better not laugh at me.“, she warned. “Okay”, I raised both my hands gesturing I surrendered.

“You can go to watch movies.“, she tried to convince me.

“Not a bad idea.“, I smiled.

“Okay then, get ready. We will be leaving within 15 minutes. Let’s go Shoppingggggg...“, she was very excited. I smiled at her and Sarala aunty who was smiling at us and went to the kitchen to wash the plate and then went straight to my room to get ready.

After leaving my mother and Sarla aunty in the shopping section, I went to watch the movie. When the movie started, I got a call from Nikhil and I disconnected it. They have been trying to pursue me since the day of the reception of Seema. They wanted to talk about Shrutha, maybe they wanted us to be friends again, which is impossible. So, I have been neglecting their call since then.

By the time of the interval, I was half bored. But I still decided on watching the movie as I had paid the money. I cursed myself for choosing this movie, but still watched it.

Finally, I was relieved that the movie ended, which was like forever. When I was going towards the exit door, I felt like I saw him, Shrutha’s husband, that too with some other woman. I followed them, hoping my guess was not true. But alas! I was right. Indeed he was with some other woman!

I went to confront him. He was talking to that woman as very sweet as if they were couples. They headed towards Mc Donalds. He went to the counter to order the burger, while the lady went in search of a place to sit. I stood in front of them and soon he recognized me.

“Hey..“, he greeted. I was confused that he is not worried about getting caught.

“Hi”, I reverted.

“Why are you with another woman?“, I questioned him angrily.

“Excuse me?“, he asked confused.

“Why are you with that woman?“, I pointed towards the direction of that lady, who was waiting for him.

“Then with whom should I be, rather than being with my wife?“, he questioned.

“Sir your order?“, asked the lady at the counter and he started to order. I went into deep thought by then.

I was shocked by his answer. There were lots of questions flowing like a flood in my mind right now. What did he just say? That lady is his wife! Then who is Shrutha to him? By then, I remembered Isha’s accusation of Shrutha. While I was leaving the venue that day, Isha came to me and told me that Shrutha was of bad character, who was cheating on her husband. The man with whom she came with, was not her husband but somebody else’s. She was having an affair with him. Her cheap words had angered me and I wanted to kill her for stooping so low.

But now I started to wonder, was Isha right back then! But my heart resisted about it. For the fact, I was even considering her words, I started hating myself. I did not want to judge my Shrutha, my love based on somebody like Isha’s words. Instead, I thought of clarifying everything with this guy who accompanied her that day. Verily, when I looked at him, I felt he was very transparent, he was not hiding anything from his wife, for me to suspect. Had if he has been cheating on her, his attitude would have been different. So I decided to clarify everything.

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