Hate To Love You

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In Your Dreams...

“So, that day, you had accompanied Shrutha....“, I initiated while he was waiting for his order near the counter.

But he interrupted me, “And you mistook us to be husband and wife?“, he asked. I fell silent. “I consider her as my sister dude.“, he clarified.

Then he continued, “Varun is my college mate and I too was invited to the wedding. So, we thought of attending the wedding together.”

Now I was hating myself for getting influenced by Isha’s words...

By then his wife joined us. “What happened?“, she asked with concern.

“Nothing dear, he is Shrutha’s friend.“, He looked at me while introducing me. “By the way, may I know your name?“, he asked.

“Samarth.“, I answered. I observed, his eyes widened as if he was in surprise. For a brief moment he was lost somewhere and when his wife greeted me, he came to his senses.

They asked me to join them and I was thinking to join them to know more about Shrutha. But my plan was ruined as my mother called me to remind me about picking them up and I had to leave from there.

When I found my mother and Sarala aunty, I almost fainted looking at all those heavy bags in their hands, which they were struggling to get a grip on them. Looking at them, anyone could tell that they were completely worn out from shopping.

“Did you go to buy the mall?“, I asked sarcastically.

“Stop annoying us, instead of helping us.“, my mother replied in anger.

I sighed and replied, “You could have kept them in the trolley and waited.” The realization struck them and they smiled at me. I took a few heavy bags from both of them and headed towards the car, while they followed me.

“Sammu....“, called my mother sitting in the back seat of the car, while Sarala aunty was encouraging her. I knew they had their demands now.

“What is it you want?“, I asked her knowing her intention of calling me very sweetly.

“Jaanu,...“, she hesitated. Now I understood it is related to that Jaanu.

“Tell me.“, I demanded.

“Jaanu is a classical dancer.“, she started and now I understood her strategy. She wants me to get close to her JAAAAANU and marry her. I was foolish for not understanding her tactics I thought.

“So?“, I replied sternly.

“So, she... no no, I thought of her conducting classes in the terrace of our house every Saturday and Sundays to the children.“, she said with a cheeky smile. I was shocked.

“No no no, not allowed. I cannot compromise on my sleep and peace. Ask her to conduct her classes somewhere else.“, I said.

“Bu..but...“, my mother tried to convince.

“No more discussion. I am getting a headache. Even before she is coming to our home, she is getting on my nerves.“, I said angrily, which made my mother anger.

“I am warning you, don’t dare to act rude with her.“, she warned.

“Why should I? When you are always there to support your Jaaaaaaaaaaaaanuuuuuu.“, I reverted.

“You dunno, how gem of a girl she is.“, she said.

“Ohhh, please. I know your tactics. I know why is she coming to stay in our house, I know everything”, I burst.

“Why?“, she asked.

“You are planning me to get hitched with her.“, I replied, more of asking clarification from her, for her soft corner towards HER JAANU.

“In your dreams.“, she replied angrily.

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