Hate To Love You

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The wedding invitation

Post client meeting I came to my desk and sat in my chair and closed my eyes relaxed by stretching my back for a while. Suddenly I heard my phone ringing. Picked up the mobile which was lying on my desk and looked at the screen to find one of my best buddies from college, Seema was calling me on the other end.

I went near the balcony of my office and received the call and said, "Hey... wow! You remember me?"

She replied sarcastically, "At least I called...?"

"Now blame me... Who was always busy?", I asked.

"Sorry... We were going through some tough phases in our family business, which is resolved now. So I couldn't catch you up always. I am really sorry.", she explained.

"That is fine. Tell me, how are things going on now?"

"Before that, why didn't you pick my call?", she asked.

"You called? Sorry I was in a meeting with a client and my mobile was at my desk.", I explained.

"You could call me after the meeting?", she was in the mood of arguing.

"I just came and was so exhausted that I just laid myself in the chair relaxing. So I didn't check the phone.", I explained.

"Then it's okay. I pardon you", she smiled.

"Now tell me. How are things going on?", I asked.

"Everything is fine. I am getting married next week and I wanted to tell you first, but as you didn't pick up my call, you are the last one to know it", she said at one go.

I couldn't believe what I just heard and asked, "Wait, What?"

"You heard it!"

I exclaimed, "Really! The one who vowed to never get married...!"

She interrupted, "Shhh... Don't scream. Yes, you are right. But time changes and people do change. Our views change and I changed, in fact, he changed me."

"Who is it? The poor guy? ", I teased her.

"Idiot..", she scolded.

"Okay okay... Don't make me more curious..", I requested.

She replied excitedly, "His name is Varun. He is my Dad's friend's son. In fact, he is the one who helped me out from our business getting drowned."

"And... You are marrying him for that.. how lame!", I replied.

"Shut Up..."

Maybe she was pissed by my judgment for a while, but then she explained," We got to know each other better during that phase, and I felt how wonderful a human being he is! It didn't take me much time to fall head over heels for him. He too loves me. In fact, he loved me from the beginning. It's just that I hadn't noticed that love in his eyes before. But when I started to spend time with him, I realized what I missed all these years. So now I do not want to miss him even for a second, so decided to marry him as soon as possible. Even he wants the same."

I was astonished to hear those words from her, especially her. Because in college days she was the one who used to think loving somebody as a lame thing. So I asked her in astonishment, "Wow! look at her! Once upon a time, this same girl was against love, marriage and all.. Used to call it as a"bullshit. Now see how she expresses her feelings. Is it not bullshit anymore?"

"No, I don't feel so. It's a wonderful experience. Frankly speaking, I learned it from you. Do you remember, how you used to come to me and preach to me about true love for hours? Now I realize the importance of it.", she replied.

When she asked, I felt a pain in my heart. All those painful memories once again crossed my mind. I replied trying to not show any of my current emotions to her, "I am not that old Samarth anymore. I have changed. My perspectives on love have changed. Now I call it a 'bullshit'."

I think she felt guilty and replied, "Hey... I.. I am sorry Samarth... I didn't mean to hurt you."

I just realized that I made her feel guilty about which she is not. So I replied, "Hey.. Seema.. It's okay.. My heart is made out of stone.. I am not hurt..", and laughed.

"Don't talk nonsense.", she replied.

I cheerfully said, "Don't worry, and please don't spoil your mood. You should always be happy. ", to console her.

"Okay. See, next Sunday we have an engagement and Monday is the 'D Day', my wedding at Kerala. It is a Houseboat wedding, Ta-daaa. A reception will be held at 'Namma Bengaluru' on Wednesday evening.", she said excitedly.

"Wow!", I exclaimed.

She continued, "It will be fun. So, you shouldn't miss any of them. I'll ping you the venue details. I have called almost all of our friends so you can plan with them."

"Okay, that's cool. Who all are all coming?", I asked.

"I invited, Our gang, Shreya, Parth, Nikhil, Sweety, and some of our classmates.", she replied.

"Oh....", I replied thinking why she didn't mention her name!

There was a small pause and then she told, "Hmmm... I had invited Shrutha too. But she said she will not be able to attend the wedding because her daughter is unwell."

I was in shocked. She has a daughter! Wow! How come! Here I am moving around heartbroken and she is all happy-happy. Wow! Just Wow!

After a long pause when she called my name, again and again, I replied, "Ohhh! That's cool then. I'm in. I'll discuss with our gang and come along with them."

Worried she asked, "Are you okay?"

"yes, I am", I assured her.

Then she said, "Okay. Fine. Hey, listen gotta go. Mom wants me to go along with her to invite some of our relatives."

"Okay. You please carry on.", I said.

"Please do attend my wedding. I will be waiting for you guys.", she requested.

"Sure", I assured her.

"Okay, See you at the wedding.", she said excitedly.

"Sure, Bye", I replied.

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