Hate To Love You

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The Wedding

“Heavenly ...!” that is what I could exclaim looking at the beauty of Kerala. Surrounded by coconut trees in the bank, and in the bed there stood a big floating houseboat decorated with colorful florals like chrysanthemum, roses, tulip, jasmine, and what not! Also, there stood a wedding poster, welcoming the guests near the entrance. To add to the beauty, people were moving wearing bright vibrant colorful outfits and jewelry. Few of the women wore Kerala Sarees with a grand colorful blouse to suit it up. Some girls wore colorful Lehangas, some Anarkali. Most of the men wore a bright color shirt and matched it up with white dhoti, some even wore sherwanis. Few children were very excited to see the boathouse and water probably, because they stood in the corner of the boat peeping down to the river. But their parents were scared that they would fall, so they were behind them holding them tight. Some of the kids were playing forming of their own group and some were busy with mobile phones playing games.

And there she was, our bride with her prince charming facing us, sitting under the canopy which was decorated with pink and golden color shining clothes and all the beautiful flowers which were available were embellished. She looked radiant in her orange saree with golden embellishment in it and was covered with heavy jewelry. My eye ached to see her in those heavy jewelries. Like seriously! How can she even sit so calm, wearing those heavy earrings and suffocating necklace! Groom looked royal in his sherwani and with embellished pearl necklace around his neck. She seemed very happy with him but more than that it seemed he was very excited to tie the nuptial knot. It was a lavish wedding!

We sat in the back row teasing and chatting with each other, also took some selfies. But those two idiots, Shreya and Sweety, they held one of us each time we tried to take a pic, they prolonged the process by asking for more shots, which was really tiring. But we enjoyed it though, it was after so long time, we gathered, which was fun.

“Hey handsome”, I observed Sweety frowning who was right in front of me. She came and closed both my eyes using her hand and asked me to guess who it was! Her hands were as delicate as flowers. She smelled like she bathed in perfume and her voice was still annoying. It didn’t take much time for me to recognize her.

“I know it’s you, Isha. Now take off your hands from my eyes.“, I peeved.

She didn’t seem to be affected by my annoyance, she came and sat beside me holding hand, which I budged off.

She frowned, “How long will it take you to forgive me Samarth?”

I remained silent.

Sweety asked, “Who in the world invited you here?”

“That’s none of your business. I don’t wish to tell you.“, she replied.

“Then bug off.“, she replied angrily.

“I won’t. It’s my cousin’s wedding. You cannot ask me to leave, okay?“, she replied.

“Now you told, dumbo.“, she gagged.

“argh! so irritating you are!”

“No you are”, she gave back.

“No, it is you.”

“No, it is you”

“No, you.”

I was now more irritated, “Sweety, keep quiet. Isha can you please leave. Your presence is very annoying to all of us.And yes, forgiving you, not in this lifetime.“, I clipped.

She left in a fit of pique.

“That was so rude man”, said Nikhil.

“Then how should he be? She deserved it”, Shreya replied.

“I am satisfied though.“, said Sweety smirking, and continued, “You should have looked at her face. She was so dumbstruck for a moment. The shameless person she is! How dare she could come and talk to him casually. So irritating. I was feeling like punching on her plastic face, bloody...” before she could further continue to curse, Parth pressed her shoulder gently, “Baby, I think you should stop now, it would affect our baby. Baby can hear you.“, which shocked all of us.

“Oh yeah Baby, you are right. Sorry.“, she said and stroke her tummy and said, “Sorry baby. Mumma keeps forgetting that you are also with me. I won’t repeat it again. I’ll be good so that you will also grow up good”, she smiled.

“Whoa... what’s all this? Are you pregnant?“, I asked.

“And you didn’t tell us till now!“, exclaimed Nikhil.

“I hate you both. How can you hide such great news from us”, cried Shreya.

“Guys, guys... stop it.. We just discovered before coming here. We were about to tell you, but...“, explained Parth.

“Yeah after the delivery.“, mocked Nikhil.

“No..“, replied Parth, and then he saw Sweety enjoying his struggle with us and was enraged. “See all this while she was blabbering. Now when the time comes, she is keeping her mouth shut and enjoying. Can’t you help me?“, asked Parth in anger.

“See, you are angry. You don’t like me. If this the case for now, then just imagine, when I become stout because of pregnancy, how would you behave with me.“, she said and started crying. It was bizarre to watch her sudden change of mood. Now, including Parth, we all had to console her.

“What happened to her?“, I asked.

“Baby don’t cry”, Parth was pleading, and when I asked that, he replied turning to me, “Pregnancy mood swings, maybe.”

“Shreyu, I don’t want you to get pregnant soon. I can’t handle such things.“, said Nikhil in worry.

“Shut up Nikhil. Don’t be so mean.“, replied Shreya angrily.

“Shut up guys.“, interrupted Parth, when Nikhil was about to reply to her. He continued, “Baby please don’t cry. I didn’t mean to scold you. I am sorry. I love you however you be fat, thin. I don’t care. Just please don’t cry.”

She looked at Parth, tears rolling her eyes, “Promise?”

“Yes, Promise.“, he replied smiling and wiped her tears. She hugged him.

We three were looking, not knowing how to react to all these, also maybe people who were near us.

“It’s nothing. Just a cute fight between couples. Please don’t mind all of you.“, said Nikhil.

After she calmed down we did not bother to argue again. We were happy for them. We joined them in their hug.


“So, Dad huh?“, I asked Parth.

We were enjoying the view sitting in the banks of the river post-lunch, while Nikhil was clicking pictures of Shreya and Sweety with their weird poses. They included the unborn child of Sweety too in it, just like how they pose in maternity photo-shoots.

“Yes”, beamed Parth looking at Sweety. I patted his back and said, “I am happy for you.”

“When will you be happy for yourself?“, he asked.

I know what was he indicating. I replied, “I am”, with a strained smile.

“It doesn’t seem so. Can’t you move on?“, he questioned.

“I have.“, I replied sternly.

“Then why is there no woman in....”

“Because, I don’t believe in falling love again.“, I interrupted.

“That indicates, you are unable to take her out of your mind. She is happily married, and I also heard from Seema that she has a daughter too. She is happily living her life to the fullest. Why can’t you move on then?”

“Who said I am not happy. See how happily single I am. No boundaries, no heartbreaks, and I am happy. But it seems, she is unhappy in her marriage.”

By then all three had come where we were seated. They all were in shock.

“What? Did you meet her?“, asked Parth in shock.

“Yes.“, I replied calmly.

“When?“, asked Shreya

“Last week. I had been to a hotel near my office for lunch. There she appeared in front of me out of nowhere. She tried to be normal with me, but you know what? I don’t talk to strangers.“, I said with a sinister smile.

“You dint talk at all?“, asked Parth.

“No, at first I dint know how to react. She sat with me to have lunch so that she can talk to me. That’s when I observed her. She looked fragile. She lost that enthusiasm in her eyes which she had before, which I assumed that she may not be having a happy marriage. But I remember the past and my blood boiled. So I ignored her and made sure that she would realize that she no more has that prominence in my life before leaving the hotel. I know I am RUTHLESS.“, I said callously.

They all felt shivers probably. I could see through it from their faces.

“ahem... I would have done the same as you did”, Sweety broke the silence.

She continued, “She has hurt us too. She broke all the ties with us too. She never tried to contact us. We came to know she has a daughter just a few days before when Seema called to invite us. Seema has no dignity at all. She managed to contact that ruthless bi... I don’t want to curse. I should calm down... Sweety, calm yourself, calm down...“, she said inhaling and exhaling, to cool herself. And then again she continued in anger, “And she had the atrocity to decline coming to the wedding! ”

“Baby... She was genuine in her reasons... Her daughter is ill.“, Parth tried to explain.

“You don’t support her idiot. You have no idea how I’m feeling right now.. She was my best friend. But what she did to me is not acceptable. It’s a good thing she didn’t show up. I would have ripped her body and soul apart if I had seen her here.“, she added, her hands gesticulating.

“It’s okay, cool down.“, I interrupted her.

“No, she said precisely what I was thinking,” Shreya expressed her disappointment.

I was like, please you too don’t start. I cannot take it anymore now. But by then, out of luck, Seema called us for taking a picture together with her, and to my astonishment these girls who were so serious a few minutes before went into a happy mode when the thought of posing to camera came into their mind!

“Girls!“, I exclaimed.

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