Hate To Love You

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Fell In Their Trap

I hail from Chennai. My undergraduate studies were finished in Bangalore, while my MBA studies were completed in Chennai. Later, I moved to Bangalore to work for a company. After a few years of struggle, I recently acquired my own home and relocated to Bangalore with my mother.

When I was in my final year of MBA, my father died. My mother’s world was destroyed when he died suddenly. After all, they were head over heels in love with one another. My parents set the bar high for how a couple should love and live. I couldn’t leave her alone with her grievance after his death, so I persuaded her, or should I say argued with her, to accompany me to Bangalore and settle.

But she still travels there every two months, cleans the house, stays for a few days, and reminisces about the good old days when we all lived blissfully together, which I don’t mind. After all, who am I to prevent her from doing so? I don’t have any rights when it is a matter of love. At least, they have lived up their life, being in love completely. I also miss him, most of the time. He was the epitome of a perfect husband and father who dedicated his life to his family.

Though my father is gone, the love between my parents is still living. Lucky are those, who have their love, who is being loved, cherished. Lucky are those, but I am far from those lucks.

“Samarth, you are attending the reception right?“, asked Nikhil while driving.

“Haa.... oh! I am still thinking about it.“, I replied lazily.

“Hey... She will kill you if don’t attend. You know her, how sensitive she is.“, replied Nikhil.

“Come on idiot, don’t be a spoilsport.“, said Shreya.

“My mother is returning from Chennai tomorrow.“, I explained.

“Then let her also join us.“, said Parth, who was sitting in the middle seat behind us.

“She will be tired.“, I replied.

“I know, why he isn’t willing to come”, said Sweety waking up from her sleep. She yawned and continued, “He fears that he would bump into Shrutha. He is probably nervous about that, such a coward!”

That triggered my ego. I responded sternly, “I don’t bother about people who are non-existent to me. I am coming tomorrow.” I could tell, Shreya gave Sweety, who was seated behind me, a high-five. I just fell in their trap easily, and all I could do was sigh about it.

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