Hate To Love You

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The Silent Admirer

My roommates were Nikhil and Parth. We remained in our college’s hostel. We were all in the same programme, which aided us greatly in our academics because we stayed together. Seema, Sweety, and Shreya all sat on the same bench in class, and they eventually became great friends. From the beginning, Nikhil had a strong crush on Shreya. We backed him in getting along with her, and as a result, we all became bossom friends. Yes, we were all backbenchers, and we were all proud of it.

Shrutha was a reserved girl who always sat in the middle of the bench. I won’t say she was a mesmerising beauty who made all the men kneel in front of her holding roses in their hand. But, at the same time, I couldn’t stop myself from being drawn to her. She had a curly long hair, almond-shaped eyes, steeply arched eyebrows, button nose, wherein she had pierced tiny crystal nose stud on the left side. She had ideal lips, which I always wanted to kiss. She had a curvy figure, her skin tone was light brown.

Most of the time she would come to college wearing jeans and tops, and sometimes Kurtis, with matching earrings. I must tell you, she had a very good collection of earrings. I suppose, she had a craze of collecting earrings and I had the craze of watching her silently. I don’t know why? But I couldn’t stop myself from being her silent admirer. I always felt that she is trying to hide that crazy, enthusiastic child inside her from everyone.

“Amma, I will not be coming for dinner today. Don’t wait for me.“, I said while tying my shoelaces.

She was lying on the sofa exhausted. She turned to me and asked in a tired voice “Why?“.

“Ah... Sorry... I had been to Seema’s wedding right? Today is the reception.”

“Oh okay then. It’s good that I don’t to have to bother about the menu for today. I can rest well.“, she winked.

I smiled and said, “Rest well. And yes, you do not have to prepare breakfast as well. I have made the breakfast for you and kept it at the dining table. Eat it and rest well.”

“Don’t tell me, you have cooked and that too Upma?“, she asked worriedly.

I smiled and said, “Well, you need to adjust for today. Bye, take care.“, and departed to my office.

The whole day I couldn’t concentrate on my work. I just spent my entire time thinking about her. What if I really bump into her? How will I hold up myself? I wasted almost half a day at my office thinking about her. But the more I thought about her, the more my blood boiled.

Finally, I decided, I’ll not waste my office hours for nobody like her. I will have to stop thinking about her and focus on my work. I will not go weak. I will ignore her even if I ever happened to meet her today.

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