Hate To Love You

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I Was Caught Red handed

That day I came early to college, thinking that I’ll go to the library and read some good books. But suddenly, I did not have the mood to sit inside the library and read the book. Somewhere inside me, had the urge of going to the park of our campus and enjoy nature. Hence, I went to the park, relaxed myself sitting on the bench, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the morning breeze. I was sitting in that position for a long time. Suddenly I felt the aura of someone gazing at me. I quickly opened my eyes, to see who it was! And to my surprise she was sitting in front of me, holding a book, which probably she had opened to read. As soon as I opened my eyes, she diverted her gaze towards the book she was holding. Now it was my turn to watch her, which was making her feel uncomfortable. But what would I do? I couldn’t concentrate on any other thing when she was in front of me.

She looked stunning wearing a blue shirt and jeans. Those silver crystal studs in her ears made her face glow more. She had tied her hair up with a matching bandana. She wore a wristwatch to her right hand and also matched up with metallic silver sneakers.

“Hello, I’m in the park. How long will it take you to reach?“, she asked someone over the phone.

That made me curious, that whom is she waiting for? Is it a boy or a girl? Does she have any boyfriend? I was panicking inside but maintained as if it didn’t bother me at all.

“Okay. I’ll wait.“, she replied. Now, I was really curious, as to whom is she talking to! I was really hoping that it should not be any guy. Five minutes later, I found her waving to someone behind me and running in that direction grabbing her book and bag. Before I could turn around to have a look at that person, Parth and Nikhil came and sat beside me.

“So this is library huh?“, pointing to the park we are in asked Parth.

“And you are reading a book?“, asked Nikhil turning his gaze towards her. Shit! I was caught red-handed. I was literally blushing and was trying to explain, “No, I was thinking of.....”

“Yeah, yeah we know.“, said Parth raising his palm, then he continued, “But your heart wanted to amble here.”

All I could do is just smile. “Now will you explain to us in detail or not?“, he asked.

“For how long you....”

“I dunno.“, I interrupted. “I dunno when it started? I don’t know what this feeling is? I don’t know what I feel for her is just an attraction or is it more than that? But all I know is, watching her all day and thinking of her, is peace to my heart.”

“Ahem, ahem....“, teased Nikhil. I could not stop blushing again.


“Hey, glad you came.“, said Seema hugging me.

“Was I left with any other option?“, I asked smilingly.

“No”, she replied.

After talking to her I went in search of my gang.

“Samarth, over here.“, waved Nikhil who was in a distance. I went with them.

“Come sit.“, said Shreya.

“Sweety and Parth?”

“They are yet to come. Parth told, Sweety was puking a lot in the morning.“, explained Shreya.

“Then what is the need of coming here? Can’t she rest at home?“, I asked concerned.

“No, she was insisting on coming here.“, said Shreya worriedly.

“Why?“, I asked agitated.

“That... Because....“. She was hesitant for a while, then she replied, “Shrutha is coming.”

I didn’t know how to react. I just caught hold of erupting emotions inside me, trying to be cool, I replied, “Oh... Okay...”

By then, Parth and Sweety arrived. We all were concerned for her and were inquiring about her health, but she replied very coolly, “Chill guys.. These things are very common in pregnancy. Don’t worry. I am alright”. We all looked at Parth and he gave a helpless smile.

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