Hate To Love You

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It was her!

Isha was roaming all around to piss us more. She had not dared to show up in front of us again after she was humiliated lately. But she had managed to get the attention of many men in the banquet with her sultry appearance. Sweety was hissing more looking at her. We could do nothing about her, she was the groom’s cousin after all. All we could and decided is to ignore her.

“How long will she take?“, asked Sweety impatiently.

“Who?“, I asked cluelessly.

“Ahh..... that...“, she scratched her head, and I realized whom she was referring to.

“Dunno girl”, said Nikhil.

“Are you sure that she is coming today?“, I asked curiously.

“I presume, she would.“, replied Shreya.

My heart raced at thought of seeing her again. Deep down I was excited, at the same time I did not want that. I did not want to see her. I feared I may not be able to control my emotions to take action. I cannot see her the same way, I used to, she belongs to somebody else now. Yes, I hate to admit this, She is somebody else’s goddamned wife. No, I need to be strong, I need to face it. I need to face her. I cannot run away like this. ‘If not today, then never.’ ‘Yes, Samarth, You can do it my boy’, cried, my inner soul.

“Excuse me, I’ll be in a minute”, I said and I turned to leave to get some fresh air and I felt it. I felt her presence. I felt her scent in the atmosphere, but then I brushed it off thinking I’m imagining things. But again I felt, like she is passing beside me and I turned, to see the blurred image of the back of a woman holding the hand of a small girl in the aisle towards bride and groom, most likely to wish them. I rubbed my eyes to look towards that direction again, but she merged into the crowd not to be seen anywhere.

“What happened?“, asked Nikhil pressing my shoulder.

“I think I saw her.“, I reverted scanning through the crowd for her.

“Where?“, asked Shreya and Sweety hopping from their seat. I scanned everywhere, so did everyone.

“There she is!“, shrieked Parth, pointing towards the dais, where she was trying to hug Seema, but she resisted. I stood still, so did everyone. It was her, it was really her, looking gorgeous as always, even in that simple dull-colored silk cotton saree. I could sense Sweety and Shreya were inches away from breaking down and their respective partners were gripping them, consoling. I really felt bad for them, they didn’t deserve this. For heaven’s sake, she had not only hurt me, but she had also hurt every one of us. We all loved her, we all did. I think I saw him too there, her husband standing beside her, holding the hand of their daughter full of smiles.

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