Hate To Love You

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Who Are You?

“Hi”, said Shrutha to all of us with a smile and tried to embrace Sweety, who was standing nearer, but she was stopped by her.

Probably she expected her to be hostile towards her, she said, “Sorry, I know you guys are angry.”

“Who are you? Do we know you?“, interrupted Sweety.

“She is my Amma.“, came a voice from behind her. Soon her daughter joined us along with her father. “Amma, who are they?“, asked the girl.

“My friends”, replied Shrutha.

“No dear, your Amma is mistaken. We are not the people, she is looking for. We dunno her.“, replied Shreya.

Her husband understood the scenario and took them both from there telling, “Come Shrutha, let’s go from here. Putty wants to eat ice cream. Right Putty?“, and the little girl replied, “Yes, yes, yes.“, excitedly. As far as I observed, Shrutha’s eyes were welled up.

“What was that for?“, asked a surprised Nikhil.

“What?“, asked Shreya.

“We all were very eager to see her, talk to her. You two were excited more than us. Then why did you girls refused to talk to her?“, asked Nikhil being curious.

“And to tell you more precisely, you girls were too rude towards her.“, he pointed out.

“Then what should have we done? Don’t we deserve an explanation from her? Aren’t we suppose to not get angry at all? Don’t have that right too now?“, asked Shreya.

“And she doesn’t even want to pacify us. She just left like that, and we are fools, to come here hoping to see her!“, said Sweety disheartened.

“No baby, it is not like that. Her daughter was near her and maybe because of that she did not want any drama in front of the child.“, explained Parth.

“So, now you are saying that we are creating a drama? Are we? How could you tell that to us?”

“No, I didn’t mean that.“, Parth tried to explain, but Sweety cut him off by saying, “Oh, now please, stop that. You meant it.”

“Please stop fighting”, I said agitatedly and left from there. But I could hear Nikhil asking them, “Don’t you think he is the one, who is more hurt? Who needs all sorts of explanation from her?”

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