Nerds Not So Little Secret

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“Tada!” Lewis opens the door and expands his hands out. “Welcome to your new home”

I look aroud the small, but cute, entry way. All the floors are brown wood. There’s white stairs to the right of my, along with a closet and hooks on the wall. There’s a tv manteled to the wall, grey couches, and a wood coffe table. I walk further into the house where the kitchen is. The kitchen has a granite contertop, barstools souronding the counter. A window facing the backyard, a small archway leads to the dinning room. A black table sits there, benches on the longer sides and chairs at the top smaller sides.

This house is like my room in my old house, I smile sadly thinking of it. I turn to Lewis. “This is really nice, thank you”

“No need to thank me. He told me if I didn’t find a good house, he’d personally beat my ass,” I chuckle, that’s Marcus for you.
“I also have a surprise for you”

“What surprise?”

“Well, i’ll be living here”

“Ok, why are you going to be living here?”

“Well technically I don’t have a house, I won’t be here 24/7 just some days”

“Ok, but when you’re here don’t bring around any of your friends”


“I can’t have people knowing about Bryant, I also need your help with something. When are the trucks coming in?”

“They’ll be here tomorrow, what do you need my help with?”

“I need you to go out and by some hair dye and green contacts”

“On one condition,” I groan, but nod for him to go on. “I get to chose the color”

“No, that’s not happening,” I say crossing my arms.

“You want me to buy it, then I pick the color”

“You know what I can just go since we need groceries anyways”

“Please, I promise not to pick any girly color and your not supposed to go outside with out a disguise,” I hate that he’s right. I let out a groan and nod, please don’t make me regret this. He smiles and grabs the keys, closing the door behind him.

I look at Bryant, who currently looks like he could pass out. I smile and sit him on the couch as I take off his shoes. Grabbing the bag on my shoulder, i take out his blanket and lay him down on the couch. Since the trucks aren’t here and there’s no crib, this will have to do. I put a pillow from the couch on the other side of him so he won’t fall off. I watch as he falls asleep, quite snores coming from him. I smile down at him, I imagine Eric and Luke here with us. I find myself wishing it was me instead of them.

I look away from Bry and turn to the small box beside me. I take out the frame, opening my phone I send the photos to the small device. Soon it starts displaying our family. The boys, the gang, Eric’s parents with the kids. I watch for what seems like hours as the last picture we took comes up. I small smile tugs at my lips.

I’m asleep, both of the boys on either side of me. Eric holds the camera smiling straight at it. It’s the same photo on my lock screen. Looking away from the screen, I take the phone in my hand and go to my contacts. My finger hovers over the call button, as I’m about to press it the front door opens.

“Ok, I’m back I stopped and got some food on the way back also,” I wipe the tears quickly and put a smile on as Lewis steps through the door.

“shh, Bry’s sleeping,” I gesture to the sleeping baby beside me. Lewis nods and quietly heads to the kitchen. I take a deep breath and stand up heading to the kitchen.

/ / / / / / /

“Ready to see the color?” Lewis asks. I really hope he didn’t mess it up, I nod my head. I take my hands away and gasp. To be honest, I’m surprised how well he dyed it. It’s silver with green tips.

“It’s bad isn’t it”

I shake my head, “No, it’s good. I just didn’t think I would ever do something like this. I’m just surprised.”

He lets out a sigh of relief and laughs. I look at the time to see it’s 1 am. After we ate, I put Bryant in my room. We’re currently in my bathroom so I can hear Bry.

“Are you staying here tonight?”

“Yeah, I might be gone before you wake up though,” he states as he cleans up the supplies.

I nod and thank him for his help today. Once he leaves my room, I take off my jacket and sleep in my tank. I lay down next to Bry and rub his small fingers. Not once did I fall asleep that night, every creek and howl of the wind kept me up.

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