Love Conquers

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Chapter 9

I was in my nightgown getting ready for bed when someone barged into my room.

Startled I looked up to find Victor locking the door, my eyes widened.

“Prince Victor, what are you doing? You can’t be here, it’s late.”

He came to me pulling me into his arms, wrapping his arms around me as I tried pushing him away but the man wouldn’t budge.

“Forgive me” he softly whispered

I stilled.

“I.. what I did was unforgivable but I had-

“You need to go” I was glad that my voice was still strong when I was breaking inside. The walls I had built, I would not allow him to break them now. I will never let him in again.

Only Victoria had that privilege, because she was the only one who had ever cared for me. I was nothing but a plaything for this Prince.

“Ira please” he cupped my cheeks with his one hand while the other held my waist.

I sighed, “Prince Victor I’m tired, I’m sure you can find someone else to pleasure you” I stoically threw his words back at him.

Victor looked like I had just stabbed him.

The look of intense pain on his face was too much for me to bear, I turned my back to him, just like he had two years ago.

“Leave and don’t come back here, I’m your chambermaid-

He pushed me against the wall firmly, “I am apologising to you-

“I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU” I shouted at him

“You think coming here after two years will make everything okay? You think a sorry will suffice for all that you did? For all the hurt I went through? That isn’t how this works.” I pushed at his chest.

“Then tell me Ira! Tell me what can I do for you to forgive me-

“NOTHING! There is absolutely nothing that you can do Prince Victor. I will neverUh forget those words, I will never forget the way that you said them to me. And I won’t ever forgive you. You didn’t talk to me for a year, hell you didn’t even come to me when my mother died.” I screamed at him.

His hold on me tightened, “I know, I know baby but I had my reasons.”

“I was dying inside but I was waiting. All the things you did, but my naive heart still had a little hope that.. that you might care.” I brushed my tears away angry at myself for letting him see me like this.

“I do-

I cut him off, “After my mother died I was left all alone, I thought that you’d come to me now, talk to me, hold me. But you didn’t” I cried.

“I’m here now! And I won’t leave you, I promise-

“I don’t need you now. Not that I trust you to keep your promises either.” I coldly said.

“I had my fucking reasons Ira, do you think it was easy for me to watch you but not be able to touch you? Or to look at you and see you talking to everybody and anybody but me? I couldn’t hold you when you were breaking apart and it was tearing me into pieces, sweetheart.

You wouldn’t even look at me, Ira. It fucking killed me.”

He yelled.

I shook my head crying, “You’re lying-

He held my face tight in his hands as he looked into my eyes, “I’m not lying, darling. I swear if you were dying, then I was already in hell.”

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