Love Conquers

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Chapter 12

My eyes flooded as Victor explained everything to me. I blinked rapidly trying to observe the information,

“Why.. I didn’t.. I didn’t realise that the queen loathed me so much.” I stuttered.

He leaned his face closer to mine,

“Forgive me, Ira. Please baby.”

I shook my head as his face crumbled,

“There’s nothing to forgive you for. It wasn’t really your fault” I whispered as my voice broke.

His eyes closed in relief as his face nuzzled my neck before he started placing soft kisses as held me tightly.

My fingers caressed his hair my eyes closed in peace,

“I love you, Vic. Always have, always will.” I softly whispered.

He stilled before he moved his head back and he gently rolled me on my back climbing on top of me.

His eyes were intense but his touch extremely gentle. He moved my hair back leaning his face closer to mine,

“Say it again” he whispered gulping

My eyes warmed,

“I love you, Vic. Always and forever.”

He kissed me fervently. His fingers entwining with mine as he brought our hand on the side of my head.

He started kissing down my jawline, and licked my earlobe when I moaned.

He squeezed my hands with his before moving to the side bringing me along with him, bringing our bodies closer to each other if possible.

“How are.. how are we going to.. the queen-

“I know” Victor squeezed my waist.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Of course” his brows furrowed.

“I.. I understand why you.. you had to do what you did in the chambers that night but why did you.. why were you so mean to me otherwise. Like when we were with Victoria and you said-

His eyes closed in regret as his hold on me became tight,

“Forgive me, I had to. Mother had a few eyes on us and she needed confirmation that we weren’t hiding behind her back anymore.

A few times I was so frustrated that I accidentally shouted at you because that was the only way you’d even look my way, you completely stopped talking to me or even looking at me.

It was like I didn’t exist for you” he laughed sadly,

He continues, “I didn’t exist for you when you were everything for me-

“You never stopped existing for me Vic, I just.. I had to stop looking at you because it hurt too much.

Whenever I saw you, those words would wreck me all over again.”

His eyes filled, “I-

I leaned into him, our lips barely touching,

“I know, I know Vic”

My eyes closed as he kissed me gently and we laid on the bed wrapped around each other, forgetting everything else for awhile.

Next Morning,

I was sitting in my room reading a book, last night me had Victor had talked about everything.

For a while it had felt like nothing had changed at all, when in reality so much had changed. We talked, and it felt like the words kept coming, there was so much that we wanted to say that was still left unsaid, but now everything seemed right. We had time, we had forever. I smiled.

I had no chores at the moment, I was Victoria’s attendant, although she never treated me like anything but a friend. I was worried about Victoria, we had heard no word from her or the Prince who had abducted her up until now, the moment there was a scroll that was received, the king had asked for Victor and he had rushed to the king to help devise a plan to bring Tori back.

I couldn’t concentrate on any word, I was sitting when someone entered my room.

My eyes flickered to Victor who looked worn out,

“What happened? Is there any update on Tori?” I asked hurriedly

He moved his hair back frustratingly,

“The scroll was by the King of Dwapar, whose son had abducted Tori” he gritted

I pulled his hand, making him sit next to me as I intertwined our hands,

“He has sent the message that Tori is well looked after in their kingdom and that they wish to rectify this situation by marrying his son to her.” He finished

“What? What about what Tori wants?” I said my eyes widening

“The message said she’d write to us soon, he says that now that she has been abducted, no prince of any kingdom would marry her and would in turn question her virtue.” He laughed in derision.

My brows furrowed as I thought of the situation,

I understood Victor’s anger but what the king had written was not entirely false.

The royals did maintain their dignity and virtue highly, but a princess getting abducted by someone on her swayamvara, and spending days in some another kingdom with the Prince who abducted her, it wouldn’t bode well with their ethics.

“There has to be a way” I lost my thoughts a is saw a tortured look pass Victor’s face.

It had to be killing him to not be able to help his sister.

Victor and Victoria were twins, their love for each other exceeds more than a normal blood sibling, they’ve shared a womb together. They understood each other better than anyone else.

I knew how important it was for him to help make Victoria the decision of who she would choose as her groom. He had wanted to give her the choice, the choice that is not easily given to every other girl easily.

I cupped his cheek as my other hand held his,

“She’ll be fine, Vic. You know she is strong, she isn’t a timid, naive girl. Victoria is well read and she is a great warrior. You and the King have taught her a lot, she’ll fight her way through this, and you can only help her when you’re not so tense either. You need to think rationally, don’t get swept by your emotions, she needs you.

I need you” I whispered at the end.

His eyes shone as they flickered from my eyes to my lips, he leaned in to give me a quick peck when he said,

“I love you”

I rubbed our noses together,

“I love you more. Now go because your sister needs you, and come back quick because I need you too.” I smiled at him.

His hold on my hand tightened as he nodded and then stood up giving me a kiss on the forehead as he left.

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