Love Conquers

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Chapter 13

I was anxiously waiting for Victor, constantly walking around.

He and the King had travelled to Kingdom Dwapar today, they intended to bring back Victoria. I was going out of my mind waiting when I hear the noises of the horses and the soldiers nearby,

I ran to the window to see Victor getting down from his horse. Before I could turn to run to him, I saw the Queen rushing to him asking questions animatedly. I searched but I also could not find Victoria with them, my heart contracted when I heard the King roar something angrily and saw the stricken look on the Queen’s face.

Was Victoria hurt? Did the other kingdom not allow Victoria to leave with Victor and The King?

As I focused on Victor’s calm face and him nodding at the Queen assuringly, the confusion only increased. I decided to wait for Victor in his chambers.

I was sitting on the bed when I heard the door open and I saw Victor and the King arguing, I quicken dashed around to hide behind the bed,

“What is wrong with you, Victor? How could you decide to leave your sister with those.. with that abductor?” I heard the King sneer

“Father, you know very well that it wasn’t my decision. Victoria is in love with Prince Jacob. It would be cruel of us to not let her choose her own groom, isn’t that what you wanted for her since the beginning. Now that she has, why are you creating such a big deal out of it? Even if you had forced her into joining us, she would not have agreed to marry anyone else. I know my sister better than anyone.

Tori’s loyal to a fault, she would have never left Prince Jacob for anybody else, let’s just arrange for their wedding.”


“I’d like my privacy now, father. Please.” I heard the final words by Victor.

The door banged shut as the King left the room angrily.

“Get out of your hiding spot, Ira. Wherever you’ve hidden”

I flushed as I stood up getting out of my hiding spot, I saw the amused look on Victor’s face as I blinked trying to regain my composure.

“How did.. you know I was here?” I blinked at him

He came closer to me nuzzling my neck, holding me tightly

“I missed you”

I closed my eyes as his scent surrounded me,

“I missed you too” I replied

He held me for a long time when I repeated my question, “How did you know I’d be here hiding?”

He laughed, “I knew you’d be waiting to find out what happened and when father came in with me, I just assumed you hid”

I stifled a smile hiding my face in his neck.

My smile faded as I realised why I was here,

“Where’s Tori, Vic?” I gulped

His eyes warmed, “She’s where she is suppose to be”

I frowned, “what?”

“She fell in love with Prince Jacob, Ira.”

My eyes widened as he continued,

“She stood up to father, she told him she wanted to marry him and that no matter what she will stand by him.”

I smiled, Victoria always knew what she wanted. She stood up fro herself and for the people she loved. She was fierce in a way I always envied.

“Hey you with me?” I looked up at Victor startled.

“She always knew what she wanted.” I said with a smile

Victor smiled, “My sister has always been the smarter one out of the two of us. I have decided to tell parents about us after Victoria’s wedding. I just want that to happen without anymore surprises, but I promise you Ira.

After her wedding, I’ll tell my parents that I asked you for marriage and that we’re to be wedded.”

Excitement coursed through me as I smiled at him,

“Tell me Ira, will you marry me?” He asked a little nervously.

“I’ll marry you” I whispered as a tear dropped.

He smiled softly at me as he wiped it away.

Soon after he told me everything, he had to leave to make certain arrangements for Victoria’s wedding.

He was worried his father would find a way to break Victoria’s betrothal if he given an opportunity, thus he wanted to arrange the wedding as soon as he could.

I was reading my book when I was summoned by the Queen.

My hands were shaking as I fisted them, why would the queen want me? What could she possibly want… my breathing got erratic as I tensed, what if she.. what if she somehow found out about Vic’s proposal.

I gulped as I reached her chambers, I knocked on the door when a voice asked me to come in.

“You asked me, your highness?”

“Finally, you are here.” She snootily said.

“I have been waiting for you to come, since.. since Victoria has so mannerlessly decided to wed Prince Jacob, you do realise you would be leaving for the Dwapar Kingdom with her, don’t you?” She said

My breath hitched, I had decided to leave with tori but that was before.

I couldn’t leave Vic now. It just was not going to happen.

I licked my lips nervously,

“Your highness-

“Although” she cut me in between

“You will be leaving with her after her wedding, it’ll take some time for the arrangements to take place for her wedding. We cannot have her individually living there. She needs someone, she needs help. And since for some reason she seems to be fond of you, I think it be best if you leave tomorrow morning to be with her until she comes back for the wedding.”

“I can’t leave tomorrow” I blurted in frenzy.

“Why not?” she raised her brow at me in question

“Um.. I haven’t packed, after the swayamvara I had to unpack my belongings and-

“Fine, you will leave the day after tomorrow, we cannot afford anymore delay.”


“You will leave the day after tomorrow, Akira” she said in a final tone.

I bowed my head and nodded. I had to leave, we couldn’t afford the Queen speculations over me and Victor right now, we had to do it. For Tori.

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