Love Conquers

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Chapter 14

I was in the gardens sitting under my tree, before I start packing I had to find Victor and tell him of this new development.

I stood and went in search for him, I found him and the Queen arguing in the hall room.

I hid behind the curtains as their voices echoed.

“You will do it, Victoria has broken your father’s heart, she has also utterly butchered any alliance we could have formed with the family she was to be wedded to. The war is coming. That family, those Knights are against us, that is never going to change” her mother cried out.

“She hasn’t done anything, mother. She did not know about any of this. Also she has made Jacob promise not to be a part of the war, do you know how much that’ll help? Jacob is the best warrior there is, there hasn’t been anyone like him in centuries. You know that-

“Those are rumours-

“No. Do you know how he single handedly defeated our soldiers? He tied me up with his arrows, Mother. Do not insult me by saying that I got defeated because he was lucky. He is exceptionally good. His presence in the war would have caused deadly repercussions. Be thankful that he would not be present there. Otherwise are chances to win would be slim to none.”

My brows furrowed, which war were they talking about? As far as I knew the relations with other kingdoms were all good.

“Nonetheless, you have to do this. You have to get married to a princess soon”

My face paled as realisation finally sunk in, the queen was talking about Victor’s wedding. A wedding to a princess, a royal born.

“Mother, I have told you that-

“Victor, you are to be crowned the King. Do you not know the importance of that title? It is the definition of sacrificing yourself for your people. And you only have to get married, it is not that difficult” she gritted.

I could not look at Victor’s face but his face was bowed as he frustratingly whisked his hair messing them. I was waiting for his denial, for him to tell his mother that he would not marry anyone but me-


I covered my mouth with my palm as a sob threatened.

No explanation, no debate, just a single word, fine.

After he promised me, after he just proposed to me for marriage, he was telling his mother that he is ready for marriage. A marriage with someone else.

My eyes filled as I tiptoed out of there. I ran to my room, as I locked it. I didn’t want any company right now. I broke down as tears slipped out, was he lying to me? I so easily let him in after what he did years ago. I should’ve known that if given a choice he would never choose me, and how do I even know if what he told me about the incident two years ago was even true. I was trying to go against him, in my heart I knew what he told me was the truth. What if he told me that because he was worried about Tori or just needed comfort? I know how hard it hit him that he couldn’t protect Victoria, what if I had once again been just a toy, someone to pass time?

My sobs grew louder as I started hyperventilating. I had to get out of here, I had to go away from Victor.

Thankfully, the queen had given me the best opportunity.

I finished packing within three hours. I knocked on the door as I waited.

“Akira?” A voice questioned.

“My queen, I finished packing, I thought it would take time but now that I’m done I think it’s best if I leave now.”

“No, you must leave in the morning, it’ll take an entire day’s journey for you to reach there. It is not safe at night to travel.” She said in an unusually softer voice.

My gaze went upto her where she was looking at me pitifully? My throat tightened.

“Please, I’ll be safe. I miss Tori- Princess Victoria, and I would love to see her as soon as possible.” My voice quivered.

She must have noticed how shaken I was, “Alright, I’ll arrange for the carriage, you must leave right away, before dark. You’ll have an overnight journey and reach their by morning, I’ll send the message of your arrival.”

I gratefully bowed at her,

“Thank you” I whispered.

She nodded, and to my shock she extended her hand and squeezed my shoulder,

“Whatever is happening, it’s for the best. Even if it doesn’t feel that way right now.”

She said, my heart jumped as my head snapped at her in a quick motion.

Alas! I was not as discreet as I thought I was. Unfortunately the queen had seen my meltdown behind the curtains.

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