Love Conquers

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Chapter 15

I had left before I lost my nerve, I knew Victor would sneak into my room as soon as he was finished with his duties.

I couldn’t even look at him, I needed time.

Time he would not have given me, he would have ambushed me into agreeing to something ridiculous.

I knew he wouldn’t be able to come stop me, that would raise questions. Questions from the queen he would not be able to answer, I bitterly smiled.

There would always be differences between us, his reassurances be damned.

What good was our connection if he could not even defend our relationship to his Mother? How can I rely on him to stand up against everybody else?

As the trumpet blazed, I turned to the window looking at my surroundings, Dwapar Kingdom was beautiful.

If gods lived somewhere on earth, I would say it was here. The gardens, the outskirts, the little parts of the cities that I saw, everything had been of exquisite taste.

Victoria must love it here, she was fond of the gardens just like me, if not more. This place was extraordinarily beautiful.

Dwapar was a little badmouthed because it was said that the archaic customs and traditions weren’t followed here, people used to perform things according to their own wishes.

Even though people mocked and disregarded them for it, I found it extremely righteous. Maybe I admired this also because in Dwapar a prince could marry a commoner if he wished, there weren’t the boundaries of social statuses.

I often pictured, what if Vic and I were here? Or what if Kingdom Kuru followed the same practice-

Before I could dwell on it anymore, the carriage stopped, dropping me to my destination.

I had just taken out my luggage when I heard a cry of joy, “Akiraaa! Oh my god!” Victoria launched herself at me laughing.

I hugged her tightly as I felt a lump in my throat, I loved this girl, she was the only person who cared for me.

“”I missed you Tori”

“Oh god, I missed you too so much! You and Victor should be close to me! I miss you both the most!” She squeezed me once more before moving back.

“Is the Prince here?” I looked around.

“No he had some work but he’ll be back soon, I’ve told him to come straight back, I want you guys to get along. You’ll like him Akira! He’s an incredible man.” She smiled at me.

I squeezed her hand in mine and nodded with a smile.

“Let’s go to your chambers, we have so much to discuss about.”

“Akira, after we left.. did something happen? You’re okay right?” Victoria hesitantly asked

“People were worried about you but everyone settled after the Prince and King returned. And you needn’t worry about me, I’m fine.” I said remembering everything that happened.

She smiled

I knew she could tell I wasn’t telling the entire truth but she let it go for now and nodded.

“Akira you are my friend and if there is anything you’d like to share with me, I’d understand..” Victoria replied

I nodded looking like at her. There was so much I wanted to say but I knew I couldn’t.

“How is Victor? Is he okay Akira?”

I gulped, “He’s perfect.” I whispered.

“He misses you but that’s all I know” I gave her a tight smile.

As I sat on my bed I remembered seeing Jacob and Victoria together today, that’s how love should be. Unabashedly unapologetic. Mine on the other hand was kept like a dirty little secret.

My throat tightened. I tightened my robe around my body, I had to get some air. It felt like I was suffocating myself with my own thoughts.

Walking around I found myself infront of the garden, it was.. magically beautiful. There was just one thing missing, the roses.

I loved the roses that grew in Kuru, it was the first flower Victor had ever given to me. I let out a small smile.

“You’re gorgeous.”

Startled I turned around to look at an extremely attractive man. He resembled Prince Jacob so much, the only difference was their body type. This man was leaner.

“Um.. you must be Prince Nicholas?” I smiled.

He cocked his head to the side as he flashed me a smile,

“You know me?”

“I’ve heard of you, I’m Tori’s friend.”

He frowned, “Victoria” I corrected.

“You call her Tori?”

“Um yes. We have known each other since we were little children..”

“Interesting. What are you doing out here so late at night?”

“I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I could take a walk. But you’re right it is getting late. I should go back.”

“You didn’t tell me your name?” He looked at me expectant.

“My name’s Akira.”

“Would you take a walk with me tomorrow evening, Lady Akira.”

I smiled,

“Ofcourse, why not.”

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