Love Conquers

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Chapter 16

Victor’s pov

I had no idea what went wrong but she was gone. I went to her room and she had vanished, if the guards had not informed me of her visit to Tori, I would have sent out troops to look for her.

I have been going out of my mind these past couple of days, I couldn’t even leave to meet or bring her back to me.

Thank the lords that she was returning today with Tori.

I was waiting at the entry when I saw the carriages stop, I saw Victoria getting down. When she saw me she grinned and ran to me.

I hugged her tight as we chuckled, my eyes going back to the carriage as my brows furrowed.

Why wasn’t Akira getting down too?

Victoria pulled back as Jacob joined us wrapping an arm around her.

I saw Akira walking her way down my smile vanished when I saw her walking side by side of Prince Nicholas.

My blood boiled as I looked how Nicholas gazed at Akira. I wanted to throttle him and push him away from her and tell them that she was mine. She laughed at something he said.

My jaw ticked as I saw her smiling at him.

“I am too! Do me the honour of saying yes to me Lady Akira, think about it, you’d always be near Victoria too, it is just an added bonus to a cherry deal yeah?” Nicholas winked at Akira.

Akira blushed.

“Akira did not travel with you Tori?” my voice boomed.

I saw Akira’s eyes widening.

Before Victoria could say something, Nicholas replied,

“I asked Lady Akira to join me and Roselyn, she gracefully agreed to my request, I hope that’s alright Prince Victor.”

I felt my face harden as I nodded curtly. Everybody went to their own rooms to freshen up as I paced up in my room.

I was looking for a chance to get Akira alone and she wasn’t giving me any opportunity. She was always around Tori or Princess Roselyn or that Prince Nicholas, she wouldn’t leave even when I signalled her.

I was on my way to Victoria to talk to her when I saw Akira walking alone.

She saw me and faltered before regaining her composure and.. walking past me?

“Why was that Prince Nicholas flirting with you?” I asked angrily as I pulled her closer to me by her wrist.

“He was being nice, you might not be able to understand that but he is a good man, who has treated me with nothing but respect.” She said pushing me away

My brows furrowed, “What the hell is that suppose to mean?”

She chuckled humourlessly,

“Forget it. You don’t deserve any explanation, and even if he does flirt with me it shouldn't matter to you. I would appreciate if you stay out of my business.” she snarked and turned away from me.

Not releasing her wrist, I pulled her back to me.

“What the hell, Ira?”

“Prince Victor you need to leave my hand, it is inappropriate-

I pulled her roughly against me by her arms, “Ira, what the hell is going on? Why would you-

My words stuck as her tearful eyes glared at me. My brows furrowed as she tried pushing me away.

I wrapped my arms around her pulling her close to me, her feeble attempts failing miserably.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing” she curtly replied

“What is wrong, Ira?” I asked forcefully

“Why don’t you tell me? Did you find a suitable princess to get married to?” she taunted mockingly

My eyes widened.


“Yeah. I heard” she gritted

“I heard how you promised your mother, you promised her to marry someone else.. when you.. when you had just asked me to..” she stuttered.

Her tears were like knives stabbing me. My hold on her loosened when she pushed me catching me off guard.

“You are a liar, you have proven it time and again. I.. I don’t know why I trusted you when time has clearly shown me that I shouldn’t-

I pushed her against the wall,

“No. I didn’t lie, I.. I love you, Ira. You know I do.” I whispered desperately trying to get through. She was shutting me off, I had to stop her from buildings walls between us now, I couldn’t afford losing her again.

“You are so delusional, don’t you see that soon you are going to be wedded to someone else?”

“But I love you. You- Ira. No one but you. I. Love. You.” I softly said as my hold on her waist tightened.

Her tears fell before she could reply we heard tori scream, “What in the heavens are you doing Victor?”

Our heads snapped to Victoria who was furiously rushing to us.

Akira wiped her tears quickly as I clenched my fists, all I wanted was to take away Akira but-

“What were you doing Victor, did you not see how terrified she looked, did you not see her tears? What were you even saying to her?” Victoria furiously yelled at me.

“Tori, Prince wasn’t doing anything to me, I swear. I’m completely fine” Akira said softly.

“Vic?” Victoria asked sternly.

I sighed.

“Prince Nicholas was flirting with her, I just told her to stay away from the likes of him.” I lied.

Victoria couldn’t know about me and Ira before her wedding, I would tell her but after her wedding. When she was safe to leave with Jacob.

“Nick likes you?” Victoria asked Akira softly

My blood boiled as I remembered Nicholas’s words to Ira.

“He just.. he showed an interest to court me.. I didn’t..” she fumbled.

My face paled, why had she not told me of this? I could not lose Akira, not my Ira.

“Akira if you like him and he likes you, don’t hold back because of me.. I mean if that is why you are avoiding him then don’t. Nick is a good man, he’ll be good to you” Victoria soothed Akira.

What the hell was my sister doing?

“Plus you and I will stay closer to each other” Victoria teased.

I finally snapped, “Stop filling her head with nonsense Victoria. He’s a Prince, he can’t be with a mere maid.”

Akira flinched and I realised what I just said, it broke my heart when I saw a tear fall out of Akira’s eye.

“Well I guess then it’s a good thing Nick doesn’t give a shit about these things. And you shouldn’t either, brother.” Victoria raged, I gulped.

Regret filled my eyes but before I could say anything we heard a commotion and saw Jacob and Nicholas heading our way.

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