Love Conquers

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Chapter 17

Akira’s pov.

Victoria was holding my hand when we saw Nicholas and Jacob walking towards us.

I saw Nicholas’s jaw clench when he saw my tear streaked face, did he really like me?

“Love, is everything okay?” Jacob asked with furrowed brows.

“I’m good, you guys are going to the gardens, right?” Victoria asked.

“Yeah, something happen?” Jacob asked concerned.

“Nothing, why don’t you take Akira with you, I need to discuss some matters with my brother.

Jake why don’t you go get Roselyn, she could join you too. Meanwhile, Nick could accompany Akira?”

Nicholas's eyes slid to me as his face lit up, “Yes of course. Brother you should go get Rose. Let’s go Akira?” He offered me his arm.

My eyes slid to Victor and hardened, I squeezed Victoria's hand in mine and walked away with Nicholas.

I can’t believe he would say something like that, did he really just think of me as a maid? I know he regretted it the moment he said it but.. it still doesn’t make it okay.

“Have you thought of what I asked, Lady Akira?” Nicholas asked softly

My eyes slid to his expectant face. He was a beautiful man. He was soft spoken, well built. He looked so much like Jacob, surprised would be a mild term for what I felt when he had asked to court me. If I was some other girl I would have been jumping shouting yes, but my heart was broken. I could not even imagine being with someone who wasn’t Victor. I don’t know why though, he clearly had no problems.

“Um.. I..”

“You can take time, I’m a patient man.” He said

I licked my lips, why can’t I choose him? He was kind, he didn’t look down on me, his family was equally kind and generous and I would be closer to Tori after all.

Maybe I should just give it a try? Before I could say anything a hand clamped down my arm,

“Akira may I speak with you?” Victor asked interrupting us.

I looked at Nicholas and he smiled at me and nodded.

“We’ll talk later.” I said quietly and left with Victor on my heels.

“What were you talking about? What did he say, Ira?”

I turned angrily, “Why? You don’t think a prince might have anything to say to a mere maid?” My eyes glared at him

His eyes dulled, “I didn’t mean it. You have to know, I was angry-

“I do not care. I don’t even know why you would want to speak to a mere maid when you’re to be wedded soon. To a princess-

“It will only be in name. If it even happens. I’ll find a way-

“What if you don’t? What if you have to marry her? You expect me to watch you with her?”

“No. like I said it will only be in name, I’ll come to you at night, I promise-

I laughed humourlessly.

“So you want me to be your mistress?” I smiled as tears filled my eyes.

“No! Ofcourse not! God, Ira you are my world. Don’t you see that?” he whispered looking pale.

“No. I don’t want to be your world. Not if it hurts so much.” I whispered

He shook his head.

He held my face in his hands, “please” he whispered inching his face closer to mine.

“Maybe I’ll say yes to Prince Nicholas-

“What the hell Ira? Why-

“He respects me enough to not hide me.” I shrieked at him.

Victor’s eyes became haunted, “I’m not hiding you, I just need a little time.”

“We’ve been together since we were children, how much longer do you need?” I whispered as my tears fell.

“Please, sweetheart. Give me time till Victoria’s wedding. Give me that much.” He asked desperately.

I frowned.

“Please Ira. I love you baby” he whispered looking at me as his forehead rested on mine.

I closed my eyes, “Remember your words Victor. Remember that you only have till Victoria’s wedding, but most importantly remember that I won’t ever become a mistress.” I said and finally got myself out of his hold. If he went against it and got married, I would leave. I was finally done. He tried holding me when I shook my head and took a few steps back.

A tear fell out of his eye, my eyes widened.

I had never seen Victor cry, never.

I couldn’t control myself.

I went and wrapped my arms around his neck as our mouths stayed only a few inches apart, he wrapped his arms around my waist tightly. I looked into his eyes,

“I love you Vic. I need you to fight for me, for us. Please don’t let me down, I’m waiting for you to come rescue me. You’re my world, baby” I whispered.

His eyes closed. I placed a chaste kiss on his lips before turning around and leaving, I had to or I would have decided to completely give myself to him.

I loved him, but I couldn’t lose my self respect. Not for anyone, that’s all I had left.

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