Love Conquers

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Chapter 18

I was sitting under our tree in the gardens when Victor came and sat by me. We were quiet for a little while when he said, “Please don’t leave. Tori said you had decided to leave with her.” He whispered. His voice ghostly.

“I’m not going anywhere, that was when, when we weren’t talking.” I said softly as I laid my hand on top of his.

“Why didn’t you tell me that.. Prince Nicholas wanted to court you?” He gritted out

I sighed, “Because it was just a gesture. I don’t feel anything for him Vic.” I tried to comfort him

“But why-

“I don’t know. He’ll understand though. He’s a good man.” I softly said.

His hold on my hand tightened,

“Do you like him?” He asked in a tight voice.

“Weren’t you listening to me? I just said I don’t have any feeling for him, just that he is a good man.” I sighed.

I turned to face him watching him when he noticed my eyes on him and turned to me. Our faces were so close. I missed him, his scent, his arms around me. everything.

I rubbed my nose against his making him smile.

My nose moved along his cheek and to his neck where I placed a kiss on his pulse.

His breath hitched, “Ira” he moaned

My eyes glossed. I never want him to be with anyone but me. My eyes closed as a tear fell on his shoulder.

His body stilled,

“Baby” he groaned in a tortured whisper.

I remained silent as a sob threatened.

“Ira nothing will change baby. I swear this to you.”

He gently lifted my chin and placed a kiss on my head, holding my body close to his.

“I don’t want to be with anyone but you. But I want you to feel the same way, I can’t imagine you with anyone else Vic. It’ll kill me.” I whispered.

His hold on me tightened as he pulled me closer if possible.

“I do Ira. God I feel the same way sweetheart, how can you not know?” He nuzzled my neck as my arms wrapped around his neck my fingers tangling in his hair.

We spent the night sitting under the stars, holding each other tightly.


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