Love Conquers

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Chapter 19

I was going to go to Victoria when I saw Victor standing with someone and talking to… Mica?

Mica was the son of King’s closest friend, Lord Kale.

He was always around because of his father being close to the king, if I remember correctly he also had a huge crush on Victoria. What was he doing here?

I walked up to them,

“Good morning Prince Victor, Duke Mica.” I bowed in greeting.

“Akira, you look gorgeous” Mica beamed at me.

I smiled politely.

“It was good to see you Prince Victor, but I am excited to meet the Princess.”

Victor and I tensed.

“She is betrothed to Prince Jacob, he is accompanying her, as I am sure you must know.” Victor said tightly.

Mica’s jaw clenched, “Ofcourse.”

He walked away, I turned to Victor feeling restless,

“Why do I feel that he is upto no good?” I asked as my brows furrowed.

“You are right to worry. I do not see why father would invite him knowing about his infatuation with Victoria.”

His eyes turned hard, “I feel like he gets infatuated with everyone beautiful. Remember when he used to follow you around.”

I blushed.

“He didn’t follow me around, we just. I was always with Tori, he used to follow her around” I said fidgeting

Victor smirked pulling me to him, I squealed.

“He used to kiss your hand, didn’t he?” He asked

My eyes narrowed,

“If I remember, you made him stop, didn’t you?”

He chuckled,

“Ofcourse I did. No one touches you but me.”

I shook my head smiling as I remembered what happened.



Me and Tori were running I the garden playing, she had just started the sword fighting today and she was extremely excited about it. She even taught me a few moves, she said, “Akira you need to know how to fight, atleast the basics. How else would you protect yourself otherwise?”

“Oh I forgot! Mother asked me to give her a visit, I’ll be right back. Wait for me here!” She ran quickly to the palace.

I chuckled when arms suddenly wrapped around me from behind.

“Missed me, Ira?”

My breath hitched as hot breath fanned my neck.

I turned my head around as Victor smirked at me.

“You know Tori taught me a few moves of sword fighting today.” I smiled at him

His brows furrowed, “Why?” He asked quietly

“Well, she said I needed to know how to protect myself.”

His eyes turned dark, sometimes Victor behaved like he was a man and not a ten year old boy. But I guess this was what he learned from his father, at an early age he had started helping his father with important matters.

“I’ll protect you.” He said in a serious voice.

I smiled, “I know you will” I whispered turning around wrapping my arms around his neck as I rubbed our noses together.

He finally smiled at me.

We heard a commotion and moved apart reluctantly, we turned to see Duke Mica coming excitedly,

“Hello Akira, where is Tori-

“Do not call my sister Tori duke.” Victor hissed at Mica.

Mica slightly paled,

“Umm.. where is princess?” He asked

“She must be returning any moment.” I politely replied.

“Oh how mannerless of me, I must greet you properly" he moved forward taking my hand in his and placing a kiss at the back of my hand as my eyes widened.

I saw Victor’s fist clench as he moved forward, before I could stop him he gave a solid punch to Mica’s jaw.

Mica staggered back, looking at Victor with wide eyes,

“DO NOT TOUCH HER. EVER.” Victor thundered

“Forgive me, I won’t. I won’t touch Akira, I promise.” Mica stuttered and turned back running to the palace.

“Oh my god! Vic that wasn’t necessary. You know he meant no harm.” I said pulling Victor by the arm to our tree.

He suddenly stilled and caged me against the tree.

“No one. No one touches you but me, Ira.”

His eyes bore into me as mine softened.

“Ofcourse. No one but you.” I cupped his cheek.

“Now let me have a look at your hand, did you hurt yourself?”

He chuckled, “I wouldn’t hurt by punching Mica, have you seen him?”

I laughed, “Vic.” I tried reprimanding him but couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

His arms went around my waist as kissed my nose when we heard Victoria coming back.

“Let’s go” I said quietly giving him a small peck on his jaw.


“You’re mine baby, as I’m yours.” Victor said in a quiet voice.

“Always.” I whispered back.


Since the last chapter was a little short I thought why not update with another one? I hope you enjoyed reading it! Comment below and let me know what you think!💙

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