Love Conquers

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Chapter 20

I ran to Victor’s chambers, I couldn’t get the scene out of my head.

How could the King do that to Victoria? Involving Mica? I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t heard it by my own ears.

I banged the door open, Victor’s head snapped at me.

His eyes widened as he saw my dishevelled state,

“What happened?” His eyes searched mine.

“Tori.." I whispered.

“What? What happened to Tori, Ira?”

I shut my eyes as I explained to Victor what I saw,

“I can’t believe it.” Victor’s face paled.

“Vic we need to act quick, Mica must be on his way to Tori, we need to-

“I’ll go, you stay here-

“NO! Tori is my sister too, you are not leaving me behind, I’ll come even if I have to find my way by myself.”

His eyes softened at me but he nodded as he took my hand in his and we practically ran for the stables.

I climbed on the horse as victor got up behind me.

We were on the way when we saw Victoria and Jacob on the road to the palace in bad physical state.

“Show’s over brother, ride back to the palace.” Victoria yelled out.

Our horse came to a halt. But Victoria didn’t stop, I turned to look at Vic, his face pale.

I stroked his hand as I shifted the horse to turn his direction and follow Victoria and Jacob’s horse.

As we reached the palace and got down of our horse,

I heard Victor whisper,

“She’s going to break down. Father crossed the line this time, whatever he was thinking just backfired.”

I squeezed his hand in mine but remained silent otherwise. He was right, Victoria was going to break down, she loved her father, but if there was someone she loved the most, fiercely and deeply, it was Jacob.

After the whole showdown in Victoria’s chambers, I knew Victor was just as shattered. His relationship with Victoria would not change, but he would also blame himself for not being able to protect her. This was going to wreck him, Jacob kidnapping Victoria did not hurt him as much because he knew Jacob loved Victoria and would never harm her.

But Mica he had crossed the line, it didn’t matter that he was dead, he had hurt tori. And that was killing victor.

I twisted the knob and entered Victor’s chambers.

He was standing by the balcony with his back to me,

I walked to him wrapping my arms around him from behind, his body still remained tense. My eyes watered,

I whispered, “Vic. Let me in baby.”

His face bowed as he held my hands tight.

I turned his body to me as I looked at him, his eyes haunted, face pale and eyes watering,

“She is okay, Vic.”

He looked at me blankly,

“Victor, she’s fine, honey!” I cupped his cheek

His eyes closed as his tears fell,

“He tried to-

“Shh! I know. But she’s fine. She’s strong, and a lot of that credit goes to you too baby. You taught her good.”

He shook his head as he wrapped his arms around my waist tightly and cried.

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