Love Conquers

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Chapter 21

After everything happened the king finally realised his mistake and made up with Jacob, and the wedding happened peacefully.

“Have you made your decision yet? I would want you to come to Dwapar with us.” Nicholas appeared next to me

I gulped,

“Prince Nicholas, I am really flattered but I… I don’t know if I am the right girl for you. You don’t know me.”

“I want to get to know you, Lady Akira. I think we’d be a suitable match.”

A suitable match? My eyes flickered to Victor standing across the room chatting with Victoria and Jacob.

He still hadn’t told anyone, not even Victoria. I don’t even know if he remembers it.

He chuckled at something Victoria said as his gaze slid across the room at me, standing next to Nicholas.

His eyes narrowed.

I sighed. Did I really have to standing next to a man for him to notice me?


“We’re here for till tomorrow evening as you already know. The reception and certain rituals are to be done and after that I hope you say yes.” He kissed my hand and walked off to Roselyn.

I walked off to my room after congratulating Victoria and Jacob once again.

Victoria deserved every bit of love she received, and yet I envied my best friend. She had a family who loved her, a man who adored her and a brother who I loved that would choose her over me if need be.

I didn’t even have my mother anymore.

A tear dropped out my eye. Why didn’t I have anyone who’d love me selflessly? Had I done something wrong? I loved people with every bit of myself, why was it that when I needed someone I was left all alone?

The door to my room opened as I gasped brushing my tears away.

“Ira, what’s wrong?” Victor rushed to me.


“Don’t, tell me what’s going on?”

“Why didn’t you tell Tori about us, Vic?” I whispered.

His face paled,

“We need some time-

“No, you could have told her. We could tell others afterwards but Tori should know, don’t you think?”

I looked at his crestfallen face as my heart dropped,

“You lied to me.” My tears fell.


“You lied. You said you needed till Tori’s wedding but you’re still going to marry a princess, it’s that isn’t it?”

He tried wrapping his arms around me as I pushed him away,

“No. Don’t touch me. You have no right-

“Ira please-

“I’m leaving” For once the pain on his face did not affect me.

“I’m leaving with Tori. And with time I will move on. I will forget that I fell in love with a coward like you-

He pulled me to him holding my arms,

“Please you don’t understand. There’s a war coming and if I don’t-

“I don’t care. I don’t care about you and this kingdom anymore, I have nothing left here. You broke my heart, again. For the second time, Vic. And this time it is all you.” I cried.

“I love you, Ira.” He pleaded desperately.

“No whatever you feel for me isn’t love. You want to see what love looks like? Go outside and see Tori and Jacob. That is love Victor. He cherishes her, he would fight the world for her. You don’t love me, I don’t think you ever did.” I sobbed.

His eyes turned glossy,

“Don’t do this.” He whispered.

“Goodbye, Prince Victor. I hope you find your suitable princess. I have found a prince, and it isn’t you.” I said and I knew it cut him when a tear dropped out his eye.

I nodded as I left the room and I hurried to Victoria.

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