Love Conquers

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Chapter 22

I ran to get to Victoria but I saw her laughing with Jacob and I stopped.

I couldn’t ruin her day. As I turned around I bumped into Nicholas,

“Oh careful.” He looked at my face and his jaw ticked, “Why are you crying?”

I wrapped my arms around his waist as I started sobbing.

He tensed before he hugged me back.

“What happened?” He whispered.

“I don’t want to stay here anymore.” I whispered.

I was suddenly torn from Nicholas as familiar arms wrapped around me,

“Come with me.”

I shook my head pushing him away but he tightened his hold on me.

“Let her go, Prince Victor.”

“Stay out of this, it isn’t your concern-

“Lady Akira-

Victor pulled me with him to the nearest chambers with Nicholas in tow.

“I said stay out this, Prince Nicholas-

“Lady Akira told me she wanted to leave, while crying may I add. You manhandling her-

“I would never manhandle her” Victor roared.

I wiped my tears,

“What is it?” I looked at Victor.

“Give me some time to-

“No. I have made my decision. I’ll be leaving tomorrow with Victoria. Nothing you can say or do will change my mind.”

Victor faltered.

His hands slid up my arms but I pushed him away as I turned to prince Nicholas,

“Is there.. can I come with you tomorrow? With you and roselyn?”

“Ofcourse you can.” He nodded.

I was restless since the morning, I couldn't wait any longer. I had to leave now before something happened or before Victor finds a way to stop me.

I was handing the belongings to the carrier who put them in the carriage when suddenly someone pulled me in the back and caged me against the wall,

“You can’t leave me-

“Let go.” I said coldly to the man who broke my heart.

“Ira.. please, baby give me a chance-

“I did. I did give you a chance and you decided that I wasn’t good enough for you” I whispered as my facade started to slip.

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” He whispered back.

“Let me go-

“No I won’t.” He looked at me as his eyes glossed and his hold tightened.

I looked at him as my eyes watered,

“Please, Vic. Let me go. You’re killing me.” I whispered.

He shut his eyes as his tears fell.

“It’ll kill me to see you get married to someone else, don’t do this to me, Vic. Let me have my dignity, I’m begging you. I can’t be the other woman in your life.”

His eyes opened as he cried.

“I.. god I want to Ira, I swear I’d do anything..”

I hugged him for the last time as we both cried for something we knew we’d always want but would never have.

I leaned in and gave him my last kiss as he held onto me and kissed me back deeply pouring all the love and anguish so I’d stay.

I pulled back,

“It was just.. too good to be true, Vic.”

“I’ll always love you.” He whispered crying as I turned my back and took my seat on the carriage to go away from the man I could never forget.

Victor’s pov.

I saw Victoria running to me,

“What happened, Vic?” She watched as I cried infront of my little sister for the first time.

She hugged me when I sobbed,

“Vic, you’re scaring me, tell me what’s wrong-

“She’s gone. I lost her, Tori.” I sobbed.

“Akira?” She asked tentatively.

I nodded against her head as she hugged me tight,

“Oh god, Vic. You need to tell me what’s going on.”

“I hate it. Why couldn’t I be a normal man Tori? I don’t want the kingdom. I don’t want any of it, just her.” I cried.

I felt someone else’s present as Jacob watched me with furrowed brows,

“Jake.” I saw as Victoria cried looking at Jacob and his eyes turned serious. He nodded at her.

“We need to go to your chambers, Victor. We can’t discuss this in the open.” Jacob said.

Looking around I saw the carriage had left, my eyes closed and I nodded.


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