Love Conquers

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Chapter 23

I sat looking at nothing as Victoria and Jacob looked at me like I was dead. Maybe I was. I felt suffocated, as if I couldn’t breath. And for once I didn’t care. I didn’t want to live a life away from Ira, I couldn’t.

“Tell me, Vic. Please tell me.” Victoria cried looking at me as she clutched my hand in hers.

When I didn’t reply she turned to Jacob who looked like he looked helpless for once.

“Jake.. please do something.” Victoria turned to Jacob crying.

Jacob turned to me,

“Tell us, Victor. We can’t help you if you won’t tell us anything.”

“There’s nothing left.” I whispered.

“No. No you don’t decide that, tell us everything and there still might be a way out of it.” Victoria pleaded looking at me.

“I am a fool, I let the best thing get away because I had to do my duties, mother told me..” I told Victoria and Jacob everything as Victoria cried standing in the arms of Jacob.

“Oh my god, since you were children.. why didn’t you tell me, Vic?” Victoria cried.

“I was trying to protect her. But-

“She won’t look at it that way, she thinks you kept her hidden because you didn’t love her enough.” Jacob looked at me as his words pierced my heart. I knew that is exactly what Akira thought, but it wasn’t true. Far from it.

Victoria nodded thoughtfully,

“Yes, Jake’s right. Victor what you need to do is make your relationship with Akira public, you need to make her feel special and-

“There is no relationship, did you not hear what I said? She’s gone.”

“Which is good for her, it gives her time to heal her wounds while you work to build your future here, so you can show her how much she means to you. Unfortunately you need to make it quick as you already know.. my brother has garnered feelings for her, and be in no doubt Victor, he will soldier his way in her heart if you don’t make this right.”

Jacob brutally said.

Victoria gulped and my throat constricted,

“What can I do?” I asked as my voice cracked.

Victoria turned to me holding my arms tight,

“Fight for her, Victor.”

Akira’s pov.

I was unpacking my belongings when the door to my chamber opened,

“I thought you were coming with us?” Prince Nicholas asked as he entered.

“Um, Prince Nicholas, I thought.. I thought it would be better for me to travel alone. I wasn’t.. wouldn’t have been a pleasant company.”

He walked closer to me and put his finger on my chin lifting my face to his,

“I understand that you went through something difficult. All I want is to take it away and give you so much more. I’ll wait for you to come to me, and when you’re ready I hope you give us a chance.” He whispered.

I gulped.

He nodded before making his way to the door,

“And please call me Nicholas, my lady.” He winked.


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