Love Conquers

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Chapter 25

Nicholas barged into my room,

“I was waiting for you in the hall.”

I stifled a smile,

“You know I promised Roselyn that I’d help her with getting some books.”

He smiled coyly,

“I like you as it is, Lady Akira you don’t need to impress my sister to get to me.”

I narrowed my eyes at him,

“Yeah that’s what I was doing but since you called me Lady Akira after me already telling you not to do that, I’ve changed my mind.” I said sarcastically.

He put a hand above his heart feigning pain,

“You hurt me.”

I laughed,

“Alright stop that, now.”

He smiled,

“What are you planning to do today?”

I sighed, it had been a week since I had that conversation with Victoria. After everything I couldn’t speak to Victoria about my feelings, and me and Nicholas grew closer. We were still just friends, I knew he wanted to court me but… but the truth was I would never be able to forget victor.

He hadn’t contacted me so I didn’t even know if he still wanted me or not.

What if he was getting married? I gulped.

“Hey you listening to me?” I snapped my out of my daze as my eyes snapped to Nicholas.

“I want to rest today. I’m tired but maybe tomorrow we can go to the market in the village like you wanted?”

He grinned at me,


I was reading a book when Victoria entered my room.

“Tori.” I hesitantly stood up.

“Stop it Akira. I hate it. You’ve been avoiding me and it’s been awkward between us and I absolutely hate it.”

I sighed.

“Me too.”

“You were my friend first. I don’t want anything to come between us.”

“I don’t either, I love you Tori.”

She sighed as she came up giving me a hug.

“Walk with me?”

“ofcourse.” I smiled.

“Where are we going?”

“There is a waterfall nearby. Me and Jake found it when we were hunting, it’s gorgeous. You need to see it.” She grinned at me.

“Are you sure? This is just a plain forest I don’t see any-

A cloth clamped down my nose as my eyes widened before my eyes started dropping and I saw Victoria nod.


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