Love Conquers

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Chapter 26

My eyes opened groggily as I sat looking what looked like a… hut?

My eyes widened as everything came rushing back to me.
I stood up with shaky legs as I walked out and saw a beautiful waterfall nearby and gasped,

“She said she wouldn’t lie to you about everything. She wanted you to see a beautiful waterfall.”

I snapped my head at the voice and saw Victor standing there looking stronger somehow.

I shook my head,

“Where are we?”

“Not in Dwapar. I got us away.”

I glared at him,

“Why did you bring me here?”

“Because I love you and we can’t stay apart.”

“We’ve stayed apart and it’s working for me.” I said as my voice wavered slightly.

He shook his head at me sadly catching my lie,

“Well it’s not working for me. I want you.

it’s the first time I’m able to breath properly since you left-

“Don’t do this to me.” I shrieked but he walked closer anyway.

My eyes watered, “Please Vic. Don’t do this again. We can’t be together-

“Marry me.” He whispered with a soft smile.

My eyes widened as him smile grew.

“Marry me, Ira.”

“But.. how…” I stuttered not knowing what to say.

“I told everybody.”

My eyes widened further if possible.


“Yes. I told my parents and I announced that I’d only be crowned king when you agree to come marry me in our home. In the gardens, where we always sat together dreaming-

I shook my head pushing him away,

“What happened to marrying a princess?”

“Why do you think it took me so long to come for you? I had to make the arrangements.” He tentatively smiled at me, “You’ll marry me?”

I shook my head as his face paled.


“No. You only decided to marry me because I left, you had no intention of fighting for me when I was there. You made fake promises and expected me to just roll with it and accept all your decisions-


“No. You lied to me, Victor. Don’t you see that? Don’t you see that I cannot trust you again.” I glared at him.

“Ira baby listen to me-

“No, you lied to me time and time again. And now.. you want me to run back in your arms like nothing happened?”

He paled.

“Ira it’s not-

“I want to go back. I have friends in Dwapar. Victoria’s there and-

He held my arms pulling me closer to him,

“Can you look into my eyes and tell me that I never loved you. If you for even a second truly believed that I didn’t love you with everything I had then I’ll let you go.”

My tear fell,

“Will you? Let me go?”

He gulped,

“No” he whispered as his lips crashed on mine.

I kissed him back for a second before pulling back,


“I love you more than anything.” He whispered.

I gulped.

“Answer me, Ira. Did you ever believe that I didn’t love or care for you?”

“No, I knew you loved me. But I’m just not sure how much you cared for me.”

I whispered as his jaw ticked.

“I cared you more than anybody else, how did you not see that?” He gritted.

“You chose others over me. All the time Victor. You can’t honestly believe that you chose me-

“I did. I chose you to protect you even if it ripped me to shreds. And you, you always thought the worst of me.” He pushed away from me.

“Why didn’t you tell Tori?” I yelled. “You know she never would have hurt me yet you couldn’t even tell her, you kept me your dirty little secret-

“Don’t you dare call what we had a-

“I will. I will because that’s how it made me feel.” I yelled back.

“Victor you wouldn’t even tell Victoria. That was what hurt the most.” I whispered crying.

He shook his head as he walked upto me pulling me into his arms,

“I didn’t tell her because we both know Victoria, Ira. She would have wanted you to have all the happiness but she also would have wanted to make things right by herself leading you into trouble.”

I pulled back to see his brows furrowed as he continued.

“She would have spoken to mother to try and make things better and.. and you would have been in hell lot more trouble because mother would have sent you away from me.”

“You don’t know that.” I whispered as his fingers brushed my tears away,

“Yeah I do, you know why? Because after you left I told everything to Victoria and Jacob and you know what she did?”

My eyes widened as he nodded giving me a small smile.

“How.. what did the queen do?”

“She didn’t. Because I told her that I’d give up the throne if she didn’t accept you.”

My hands landed on his chest as he cupped my face.

“It didn’t matter what Victoria did because I was going to tell her anyway.”


He smiled sadly,

“Because when you went away I felt like I had died and nothing else mattered. It made me realise that if I was ever going to feel alive again was in your arms, and I was right.”

I sobbed leaping into his arms as I tightened my hold on him and he nuzzled my neck.

“I.. I missed you.” I choked.

“I missed you, baby.” He whispered.


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