Love Conquers

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Chapter 27

“It’s funny how similar our position is and how different the situation is.” I chuckled as I sat wrapped up in Victor’s arms under a tree.

He nuzzled my neck remaining quiet.

I leaned back into him,

“What’s going on, Vic? Is there something else….” I tensed.

He sighed,

“There’s nothing like what you’re thinking.”

I turned looking at him.

“What’s wrong?” I stroked his cheek.

“I know.. I know Prince Nicholas likes you and you’ve been spending time with him and I.. I was scared, Ira.” He gulped.

I wrapped my arms around his neck,

“I love you, Victor. I realised that I couldn’t even look at another man, let alone fall in love with someone else. Nicholas is my friend, he’s been there for me but that’s all we have, friendship.” I smiled as Victor sighed leaning down and kissing me.

Nicholas’s pov.

“Where is she?” I yelled at the guards.

I saw Jacob and Victoria walking towards me as I walked upto them,

“Victoria, do you have any clue where Akira could be?”

She looked up at me and then at Jacob as he sighed,

“Brother we need to talk, in our chambers. now.”

I followed them as I closed the door and saw Victoria’s eyes glistening.

“I..” She looked up at Jacob as he shook his head at her.

“Nick you need to stop the guards they won’t find anything. She’s gone with Victor.”

I shook my head,

“No, she was happy here. She wouldn’t leave with him besides she would tell me if she decided to, we had plans and-

“I’m sorry Nicholas. I.. I helped Victor take Akira..”

My eyes snapped to Victoria who looked at me guiltily.

“You sent her with him? What exactly does that mean Victoria?”

“They’ve loved each other since they were little children. They both deserve a chance to speak privately and freely-

“What did you do?” I asked solemnly.

“I sent her with Victor while she was unconscious.”

I looked at her as my jaw ticked.

“She deserved to know his side of the story Nicholas-

“Did you know of this, brother?” I turned to Jacob who sighed shaking his head.

“Good job.” I mocked Victoria as her face fell.

“Nick please-

“No you sent her away knowing how I felt for her?”

Victoria frowned, “What?”

“I love her, Victoria. And you sent her away anyway.”

She shook her head,

“No. I talked to Akira, she said you were friends and-

“I was getting closer to her and I fell for her. We needed time but you sent her away from me. You better hope I find her, Victoria. And you better hope that she wants Victor otherwise I will kill him in cold blood if he’s kept her with him against her wishes.”

Victoria paled.

“That is enough, brother. You should go.” Jacob walked to Victoria pulling her into his arms saying words of comfort.

I scoffed and left.

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