Love Conquers

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Chapter 28

We were in the hut lying down when I heard noises outside, I looked back at Victor who was sleeping peacefully. I tiptoed outside to see a carriage standing, my eyes widened as the Queen stepped out of it and walked upto me. Before I could turn to get Victor her voice stopped me in my tracks.

“I wanted to apologize to you.”

I tensed turning back to her she looked at me smiling,

“I know you probably don’t trust me but you should know why I did what I did. Why I had to be so tough on my children even when I didn’t want to, and hurting you and Victor was not something I ever wanted to do.”

“Then why did you?” I asked quietly.

“Because that is what the title of Queen demanded out of me.” She chuckled humourlessly. “People believe that its easy to be a queen, sit and look pretty. But it is so much more than that.” She shook her head sadly.

“It hurt me to see my little boy hate me for ripping you two apart, and I could see you were hurting too but I had no other choice. There is a war coming, Akira. We need to prepare ourselves for it. I knew long before Victor told me that you’d be a fair and regal queen but I was worried for my kingdom.”

I sighed, “What’s changed now?”

She gave me a smile with an arched brow,

“My boy asked me to choose his happiness over anything else for the first time. I couldn't say no. but also I remember your mother, sweetheart. That woman had asked me to look after her little girl after her, this seemed like the best opportunity to make up for all my past mistakes, I hope you forgive me.”

I nodded as my eyes watered.

I felt a body behind mine as he pulled me to him,

“What are you doing here, mother? Why are you crying?” He asked me softly.

I shook my head at him as I squeezed his hand,

“Your mother was just congratulating us.”

His head snapped to the Queen. She grinned at us with a softness I had never seen before,

“The arrangements are getting prepared, the wedding will happen soon.”

I felt Victor tighten his hold on me,

“We’ll come back soon, we just should inform Victoria of this news first and then we’ll immediately head back home.”

The queen nodded as she congratulated us again and left.

“Let’s go tell, Tori.” Victor grinned at me as I smiled back at him, finally things were looking up.

As we reached Dwapar, Victor got off the saddle and helped me down. We turned to look Victoria coming to us with wide eyes.

I smiled at her,

“Tori, there’s something we have to tell you-

“You need to come with me now.”

My brows furrowed as Victoria took my hand and dragged me to her chambers in quick strides with Victor in tow.

“Victoria, what is going on? Tell us.” Victor frowned at her.

She sighed rubbing her temples.

“You need to speak with Nicholas.”


“Why?” Victor looked at Victoria frowning.

She sighed,

“Vic, you need to stay out of this.”

My brows furrowed,

“What’s going on?”

She gulped,

“I believe he has feelings for you.”

I felt an arm wrap around me from behind. I shook my head,

“No, we’re friends. There is some misunderstanding-

“I’m not misunderstanding anything. You need to speak to Nicholas, now.”

I felt Victor’s grip on me tighten.

“She’s not going to talk to anyone” he gritted.

“I will. Because clearly there is some miscommunication.” I turned to victor, “I’ve never lied to you, Vic. Trust me. I have only ever been friends with him, let me go and speak to him about what’s going on.”

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