Love Conquers

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Chapter 2

I was looking for Tori when I saw her and Prince Victor sitting together at a bench in a little distance, my steps faltered as I decided to turn and leave.

“Akiraa!” An elated voice yelled.

I closed my eyes and regained my composure,

“Good morning Princess, Prince.” I bowed

“C’mon Akira, I’ve told you, you can call me Tori infront of Vic. He won’t get angry ever again at you, I’ve talked to him” Victoria smiled.

“Forgive me, I shouldn’t have reacted that way, I was angry that day and my anger burst at you. It wasn’t fair, and I am sorry for that.” Victor sincerely said. But I knew it was all an act, an act infront of his little sister.

My throat clogged as I remembered what had happened that day.


I was sitting on Victoria’s bed waiting for her, my mind a little distracted when Victoria and Victor entered the chambers laughing at something.

I tensed when I felt Victor’s gaze over me.

I stood from the bed, “I’ll come back later Tori.”

Victoria frowned, “You can stay with us Akira-

“No, she’s right. She shouldn’t be here with us, she’s our maid.”

Victoria gasped as I closed my eyes, “Brother, what has gotten into you? Akira is our childhood friend, how can you even call her-

“It is what it is Tori, and you need to listen to me maid, remember your place and remember that you don’t belong with us. It will be good for you to start calling my sister, Princess Victoria instead of Tori. You aren’t family and you are definitely not her friend” Victor hissed at me

My breath hitched as Victoria’s eyes widened and she looked ready to fight for me. Before she could say anything I spoke,

“I understand. Forgive me Princess, Prince.” I bowed and ran out of the chambers.

I could hear Victoria shouting but those noises faded behind my sobs as I got further away.


My spine straightened as I kept my head up but eyes downcast, “I don’t think it’s necessary. What you said was true-

“No it wasn’t. I made a mistake” he rushed.

“You don’t need to apologize for anything, Prince Victor. I do think it’s only appropriate for me to call Princess Victoria, Tori in private, she is my friend but not everyone would agree or understand that.” I stated as I saw Victor visibly deflate.

As if he deeply regretted his actions, but I knew better.

He wistfully smiled and nodded, “Tori, I’ll see you later, I have some duties to attend to”

When he turned to me I bowed and he looked like he wanted to say something but then left.

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