Love Conquers

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Bonus Chapter

Akira’s pov.

I couldn’t believe I was finally getting married to Victor, it was our wedding day. I smiled when Victoria coughed at me arching her brow,

“What are you thinking missy?”

I chuckled, “I just.. this feels surreal.”

Her gaze warmed at me as she sat next to me leaning her head on my shoulder,

“I couldn’t have been happier. My two favourite people are getting married today.”

I leaned my head against hers, “ You’ll officially become my sister today.”

She blinked back tears as she squeezed my hand,

“No fair, you can’t make me cry and you can’t cry either.”

“I’m not.” I said in a hoarse voice. “I’m happy that you’re the one walking me down the aisle. You’ve been my only family these past couple of years, although I do with mumma and papa were here.” I said as a tear dropped out my eye.

“I know, honey. This is an honour for me, that you chose me. And your parents, they must be so proud of the woman you’ve become, Akira.”

“Thank you, Tori.” I wiped my tear away as the door of the chamber opened.

“It’s time.” Jacob smiled at Victoria and me.

Victor’s pov.

I don't ever recall being so extremely happy and nervous both at the same time. I was standing at the altar waiting for the love of my life.

There was a commotion and the song started playing and my head snapped to the side where Akira walked down the aisle next to Victoria.

Oh god. She was the most gorgeous woman on this planet, even as children her beauty was out of bounds. She has always been my dream, I couldn't wait for us to finally start our lives together.

Akira looked up at me through her veil and I could see her eyes soften with love, she had such gorgeous eyes. And god I have always loved the way she looked at me, she didn't realise this but her gaze always changed when it landed on me. I guess mine did the same with her.

"Take care of my sister, or I will hurt you, brother." my sister sassed.

"She's my life." I whispered still looking at Akira, I couldn't move my gaze from her if I tried.

I offered her my hand and her gaze never wavered from mine as she put her hand in mine. We moved to stand facing each other as I held her hands in mine tightly. Her hands squeezed in mine as i placed a kiss on both her hands.

"We are here for the union of Prince Victor and Lady Akira. I believe they have prepared their vows, you may proceed." The priest spoke.

"The first time I saw you was when you were in the gardens with your father. He was introducing you to his fellow soldier mates, but all I could see was excitement in your eyes as your eyes followed the different flowers in the garden, landing on the roses. Your gaze changed, you were in awe of them. And I believe it was that moment that I fell in love with you, I was in awe of you." She sniffled as I walked closer to her, "I don't know what I did to deserve you but since I can remember you have been the centre of my universe, whether I was happy or sad or even stupid. You were the one that kept me sane. I love you and I want to cherish you for the rest of our lives. Thank you for marrying me." I finished with a peck on her hand as I saw a tear drop out her eye.

"Vic." she whispered with so much love that my hold on her tightened involuntarily.

"You've been with me in my worst of times, and every best moment in my life has been possible because of you. I've always dreamed of our wedding, to spend the rest our lives together. I didn't think this would ever become a reality and it wouldn't have if it wasn't for you. You make me so so happy, Vic." she whispered as my eyes turn glossy, not being able to believe what I did to deserve her but thankful for it nonetheless. "Today, I not only promise to love you and cherish you but I promise to always fight for you, for us. It's always been you, and it always will be. You're the love of my life Vic, you're everything to me, you are my family. You are the very air I breathe." her voice wavered with emotion as a tear dropped out my eye and I gave her the biggest smile I could, I saw her eyes sparkle and I couldn't hold myself any longer.

My lips landed on hers before the priest could complete, "You may kiss the bride."

And we couldn't have been any happier if we tried.


Hey guys! This story is very special to me! This story was completed a while back but I had always decided to write these two something special, and what could be more special than the very thing they dreamt of since they were little kids? Their wedding! The fights, the tears, the friendships, the heartbreaks, but most importantly Love. They indeed have conquered it all!

I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you love them as much as I do!

Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!🤍

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