Love Conquers

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Chapter 4


“Where is papa? Why hasn’t he returned?” I asked with tears in my eyes.

“Sweetheart, remember I told you your papa is a warrior, he’s a soldier. He fights to protect people but recently God needed help, and he needed your father with him.” My mother replied, her eyes glossy.

“But.. but there are the other soldiers. Why did he take papa?” I cried.


Before my mother could say something I ran from her to the gardens in the palace. The roses, I loved looking at them, Tori told me once that they were her favourite too.

I was softly crying under the tree when I heard footsteps and a body settled close to mine.

I looked at Vic as held my hand, “God took away my papa, Vic. Why would he do that?” I cried looking at him.

He gulped, “I don’t know, Ira.”

After a moment of silence, he wiped my tears away as he softly whispered,

“I won’t ever leave you. I promise.”

Flashback over

My eyes popped open as I realised I slept under the tree, the very same tree he promised me-

No. I need to forget that, I need to forget him and his fake promises. I wiped a tear away as I realised I had to meet Tori.

I was waiting in her chambers when she entered,

“Akira what are you doing here?” She asked.

“Tori you know I’m worried about you moving to some other kingdom, I just wanted to meet you before you go away” I replied unsettled.

“Akira you do not need to worry, you know the groom would be of my choice, it is my decision and you’ll soon be joining me there anyway!” She spoke confidently.

I deflated. I would be joining her, why was I sad? I had nothing left here, nothing except for-

“Torii!” Prince Victor barged into the chambers, he abruptly stopped when he saw me standing.

I bristled.

“I’ll see you in the morning Princess.” I said to Tori,

“Prince” I bowed respectfully as I left the chambers.

Tori, Princess Victoria, was my best friend. And I was lucky to have her, I don’t know what I would have done all these years if it wasn’t for her.

When I reached my servant quarters I slumped down on the bed as I decided to leave with Victoria after her wedding.

I wouldn’t cower away from Prince Victor anymore, I never really did anything to him, I’d leave this palace soon anyway-

Someone knocked on the door breaking my trance. As I opened the door, my eyes widened when he came in and locked my door, trapping me against the door with his body enclosing mine.

“Why were you in her room?” His eyes narrowed at me angrily.

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