Love Conquers

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Chapter 5

My eyes turned cold.

“I am her maid, but I’m confused as you know that already, Prince Victor. The more fitting question would be, why are you here?” I stoically asked.

His jaw ticked, “Did you tell her?”

My brows furrowed, “Tell her what?”

“Did you say anything about us to Victoria?” He angrily slapped his hand on the door.

I flinched, “No! And I’m not sure what you’re talking about. As far as I’m concerned I’m just your help, the lady’s help and your… your chambermaid.” I said as my eyes turned glossy.

His eyes softened as he looked at me and gulped, “Ira” he whispered

My body tensed and I pushed him away, “You shouldn’t be here, this isn’t appropriate behaviour.”

He suddenly pushed me to the wall holding my arms above my head, “Do not push me away.” He gritted out.

“I never pushed you away, you did.” I replied equally angry as a tear slipped out of my eye.

He closed his eyes as he rested his forehead on mine, “And I will never forgive myself for that, I need you Ira.”

“Don’t! Don’t call me that” I cried, “You have no right”

His eyes flashed as he opened them, “But I do. You’re mine.”

“No! No I’m not yours, not anymore. And I will never be yours-

He kissed me before I could say anymore.

I cried trying to push him away but my feeble attempts were lost when he pushed his body closer to mine and my eyes shuttered close.

He kissed me gently at first, licking my lips when I opened my mouth for him and his hold on my waist tightened. It was like coming back home, the familiarity of it buckled my knees.

His mouth moved to my neck as I held onto his shoulders for support.

“God. I missed this” he whispered breaking me out of my trance.

My eyes opened as I tensed, he was kissing my neck when I suddenly pushed him away from me.

He looked confused at me, leaning down for another kiss when I pushed at his chest.

My eyes cold and voice hard as I spoke, “Prince you must leave now. There are preparations to be made for tomorrow, I have to go to the Princess early in the morning.”

He looked helplessly at me, wanting to say something, but then he nodded and left.

I cried as I fell on my bed remembering our past, why couldn’t we have stayed the same way? Why did he have to ruin it?


7 years old:

“Why did you bring me here? You said we all had to sleep, you even made Tori go to her chambers?” I raised my eyebrows at Vic

“I can do whatever I want, I’m the Prince.” His eyes twinkled.

My eyes narrowed at him, “But Tori’s a princess too”

“But I’m her older brother” he teased.

I shook my head at him, “Why did you bring me to the gardens?” I asked as he sat under our tree and pulled me next to him.

“Just let me hold you” he murmured into my hair as he pulled me closer.

I sighed content as I closed my eyes resting my head against his neck.

“Can I ask you something Vic?” I softly said

“Anything Ira” he replied his hold on me tightening.

I smiled, “Why do you only call me Ira when we’re alone?”

He rested his chin on my head as he sighed,

“You know I love Tori right?”

I nodded.

“She started calling me Vic too after she heard you, I love her but I can’t share you with anyone, I don’t want her to start calling you Ira as well. Only I can call you by that name.”

My heart did a somersault as I looked up at him, our faces so close to each other that I felt his breath on my lips.

Our noses brushed as he leaned in looking into my eyes, when I didn’t protest he closed the gap between us.

My eyes closed as I felt his featherlight brush of lips against mine before they closed over mine.

It was clumsy and only for a few moments before he pulled back but it was perfect.

I looked up at him blushing as he stroked my cheek whispering, “Mine.”

“Yours” I replied softly.


I was his but he was never mine, and he took my heart away with him when he left.

I wiped my tears and it was long before I finally went to sleep.

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