Love Conquers

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Chapter 6

Me and Tori were waiting in the gardens for the Prince to come and escort her to the Swayamvara when we saw a guard walking to us with a headgear and a cloth covering his face.

“Huh that’s weird” I said as I saw Tori nodding looking suspicious too.

“Akira has been summoned by Prince Victor” the guard said.

I looked at Tori hesitant.

“It’s okay we are in the palace, I’m safe you can go. If Victor is calling for you it must be important” Tori said.

“I will be quick” I assured.

“Akira you can leave, I’m okay I promise.” Victoria smiled at me.

“Alright.” I reluctantly left.

I was nervous, why would the Prince need me? Now was not the suitable time to discuss last night’s events... maybe he needs someone to handle a few errands? But why would he ask me while I was suppose to stay with Victoria?

Maybe it had something to do with the arrangements of the ceremony which could not be delayed..

“Where are you headed Akira?” A voice boomed halting me.

I turned to watch the queen walking to me, I bowed, “Queen! I was looking for Prince Victor, I was informed that he was looking for me.” My eyes downcast.

“He doesn’t need you and he definitely isn’t looking for you. He is busy with the ceremony. Go back to Victoria.” She said scornfully.


“Now maid!” She ordered.

My breath hitched as I nodded and hurried back for the gardens.

Before I could turn for the gardens I heard a scream, “Papa, Victorrr”

I ran to the gates where I saw the guard pushing Victoria in a carriage.

I ran to her, “TORIIII” I screamed.


I turned and ran as fast as I could for the Great Hall.

I saw the queen look angrily at me but I ran past her into the hall, “VICTOR” I shouted.

I saw victor’s eyes round looking at me before he covered the distance in quick strides between us, “What happened Ira?” He said in a low voice.

My tears dropped, “To.. Tori.. Someone’s abducted her, you need to go after them.”

He froze as his face paled.

“NOW” I yelled as he started shouting orders at the soldiers present and left with them to rescue his sister.

I started walking for the gardens to see I I could find anything when a hand clamped down on my wrist painfully,

“Did you help that man to abduct Victoria?” Queen looked at me fuming.

My eyes widened, “What.. no of course not! Tori is my best friend-

“She is to be a queen someday! She’s not a mere maid, and you have always been jealous of her.” She mocked.

My jaw clenched as anger coursed through me, “That is not true. I love her like a sister-

“GUARDS! Throw her into the dungeons, she is guilty until proven otherwise” the queen ordered.

I shook my head, “Please! I swear I didn’t do anything, your highness!” I begged as my eyes looked around for any friendly face. No one here was close to me, there was only Tori only and- I choked on a sob. The guards held my arms and dragged me to the dungeons.

“You will stay in the dungeons, Akira. You left Victoria alone, with a stranger. You will stay there until you are proved innocent.” The queen spoke loudly as the others looked at me with disdain. I closed my eyes as tears fell, god I just hope that Tori is safe and secure. I love her, she has been my family. I can’t lose her too.

The fight left my body as I felt dismay wash over. was it really my fault? If I had stayed with Tori would things have gone any differently? Was she really abducted because of me? I hope Victor gets to her in time..

Tears dropped as the guards locked up the barred gates and left me in the dungeon by myself.

“Forgive me Tori. Please.. just please be safe.” I whispered in the darkness.

I prayed for Victor to find Victoria in time and bring her back to the palace safely.

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