Love Conquers

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Chapter 7

I don’t know how long I stayed in the dungeons, but it felt like forever before someone opened the gates, “Ira” a voice spoke

My head snapped to Victor as I wiped my tears and stood, “Prince” I bowed

I walked hurriedly to look behind him for Victoria, “where is-

“I couldn’t bring her back” he sad quietly.

My eyes widened, “What? What happened to you?” I spoke as I noticed his wounds.

“You’re hurt” I whispered as my fingers brushed his chest.

His eyes turned cold as he held my hands, there were fingerprints imprinted on my wrist from where the queen had held me tight.

I tried pulling my hand free of his hold but he wouldn’t let me, “Prince Victor” I said as I wrenched my hands out of his hold.

“Ira who did that?” he said in a grave tone.

“That isn’t the issue right now, we need to, I mean you need to aid to your wounds and figure out a way to get Princess Victoria back.” I said as my eyes watered.

“Tell me who did that?” He said forcefully.

“The queen” I blurted out

His body tensed.

“Its alright, she.. she was tense about the Princess. I was suppose to stay with Tori and-

“Tell me exactly what happened in the gardens, tell me all what you saw.” He cut in.

“We were waiting for you in the gardens when a man dressed as the guard came upto us...” I narrated the entire event to him.

“I swear I didn’t want to leave but Victoria said I could and I thought maybe you needed me for some arrangements at ceremony and I..” I sobbed.

“I’m so sorry” I cried

Victor pulled me into his arms, “It is not your fault Ira! Stop blaming yourself, even Tori told me that you only followed her orders, you know the queen, don’t believe her words.”

My head reared back, “Victoria told you..?”

“Yes. She yelled at me to make sure no harm comes your way for you did nothing wrong.” He replied.

I sobbed, “Oh god..”

“I’m sorry you had to stay here in the.. dungeons. I’ll speak with the king and queen, your name will be cleared out, but first we need to tend to your.. your wrists.” His jaw ticked.

I looked down at my wrist and then his wounds,

“I’m fine Prince Victor. You should go and tend to your own wounds, I’ll look after mine.” I said disengaging my body from his hold.

“Just come with me right now, Ira. Please.” He whispered looking tired. I looked at him,

And against my better judgement, I nodded.

It had been two years that I entered Victor’s bed chambers. I looked around as he sat me on his bed, I shook my head standing up,

“I.. I can’t.. I can’t sit on your bed it’s not right.” I stuttered.

“Its right, you’ve done it plenty of times before” he replied hotly.

My back straightened, “Not anymore.” I stated firmly.

He walker closer to me, “Why can’t you just forget it?” He said angrily.

I glared at him, “Forget what Prince-

He pushed me down on the bed and straddled me before I could do anything, “Vic, call me Vic. You never fucking called me by my title before.” He said angrily

“That was before, before you reprimanded me and reminded me that we can never be anything other than me being your chambermaid, have you forgotten that Prince Victor? Because I sure as hell haven’t.” I snorted in derision.

“Ira... baby-

“No. Get off me-

“Just give me a chance-

“Do you want me to remind you of what happened in this very room? It seems like you have forgotten that horrid night, Prince. But I sure as hell haven’t. Every word. Every thing that happened has been engraved in my mind ever since.” My eyes watered but I was glad that my voice was strong, I will not let him hurt me again, ever.

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