Love Conquers

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Chapter 8


16 years old

I sneaked into Vic’s chamber and saw him standing by the window, “I was waiting for you in the gardens, did you forget?”

I wrapped my arms around him from behind before I felt his body tense.

My brows furrowed, “Are you okay Vic? What is going on?”

He remained silent.

“Hey did something happen, you know you can share anything with me-

He pushed away from my hold, “What are you doing here?” He said tersely.

“What do you mean? We-

“Get out of my chambers”

My breath halted before I regained my composure, “Vic what’s going on? Tell me-

“I told you to leave, maid. I won’t be needing your services anymore so never come back here again.”

My face paled.

“Maid? But I have never worked for you Vic”

“Victor, my name’s Victor, and to you it is Prince Victor, do not ever forget that” he reprimanded me.

I cringed hearing his derogative tone, this wasn’t my Vic, he never spoke to me this way.

“Forgive me but I stand by my statement, I have never done any chore for you so-

“Oh you didn’t know? The kiss or kisses I should say, weren’t they part of your duties?” He mocked

I stopped breathing.

“Those kisses, those nights in my bed, and in yours, when we lay under the stars in the garden or under our tree, you mean to say those were my duties?” I said as my lips trembled and my eyes filled.

For a flickering moment I thought I saw his eyes turn glossy before he turned his back on me and shattered my heart with one word, “Yes.”

“Are you calling me a whore Vic?” I cried

I saw his fists clench as he glared at me and said, “Get out of my room. I told you, your services aren’t required anymore. You are just my chambermaid from now on, remember your place and don’t ever call me Vic again, it is Prince Victor to you. I’ll find someone else to pleasure me.”

Whatever that was left of me broke by the time he finished.

“I’m… I..” I stuttered as I nodded.

My tears were coming relentlessly and I couldn’t think of what I should do to make this feeling go away. I wanted all of it to be a bad dream. A nightmare.

I closed my eyes and then blinked them open, walking to Vic- Prince Victor. I held his arms and felt his body tense but I ignored it as I turned him around to face me. No, he had to look me in the eye, he had to see my face and hear what I had to say, he atleast owed me that much.

I watched him for a moment, knowing that this was the last time I’ll look at him,

“You have been distant, when I thought something was wrong and wanted to talk to you, you shut me out. I thought.. I thought it was something related to the duties of our.. your kingdom, but now I know that we never really.. that I was a maid and now that you want someone new to.. I understand. My one mistake is that I fell in love with you” a tear fell out my eyes and I saw him clench his fist but he made no move otherwise.

I continued, “I wish you had made your intentions clear, I would have never agreed to it, this was your mistake. A mistake that you made and the price? I have to pay the price for your sick and twisted mind. And forgive me for I thought we were atleast friends. But now that you have.. now that I know how you feel, I promise that I will never forget my place and I will never come to you again.. I won’t make the same mistake again, ever. Prince Victor” I bowed in courtesy as I prepared myself to look at him one last time, one last time into his eyes to show him all the heartbreak that he caused me and to let him know that I will never forgive him.

He flinched.

I saw his jaw tick but before he could hurl anymore insults at me than he already have I ran out of his chambers.

I wouldn’t have survived if he made fun of my love for him, a part of me wished that this be a sick and twisted joke and he’d run after me asking for my forgiveness. But that didn’t happen, and I realised what an actual fool I had been.

I promised myself to never fall for his games again, who I loved was Vic, and for all I knew he had gone faraway from me or maybe he never existed.

Leaving behind Prince Victor who I never wanted to see again.


My eyes turned cold as I recollected what had happened that night.

Victor’s face paled above me.

His hold on me loosened and I pushed him off me and left for my servant quarters.

Because that’s who I was to him and I won’t let him forget that, he wouldn’t get the relief of forgetting that night or the words he had spewed at me, because no matter how hard I tried, I could never forget it.

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