Pretend Love

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A Handsome And Rich Man”Olsen Kris” Bored With His High So Life Then he thought about an amazing idea.He turn himself from super handsome and rich man to become an ugly and poor man that make a lot of girl stop annoy,chase his life and find his true love.Then he met a beautiful girl student “Park sochin”.What will happen when Olsen Kris meet Park Sochin?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

A man who has everything but don’t have a happy life”Olsen Kris”. Kris is a super hot, handsome and attractive man who was born in wealthy family. He has everything, handsome face, nice body, good at studying, live in luxury lifestyle, and there are a lot of girls chase him. But he thinks his life is so boring. Many people wish to have a life like him but he think his life is like a beautiful food but don’t have taste.

Kent College Dubai...
I wish Kris look at me just 5second is enough for me.
“Amira” wish in her mind.

Impossible wish. “Sara” laugh at Amira’s wish.

Look over there. That’s my dream man Kris. I wonder why he look so attractive like this! When he give me a chance to steal his heart? “Amira” day dreaming.

Stop day dream Amira. He doesn’t glare at you even 1 second. What make you think he will give you a chance huh? Sara whisper near Amira’s ear. And then walk to her seat.

Kris walk into his class with many girl’s eyes are looking at him and many men jealous of his life.

You,You and You stay always from my table. If you dare to stay close to my table again I will cut all your head. Understand what I mean? “Kris”point his finger to them.

Hurry up!Hurry up! Go go! I don’t want to have dead wish. One man of them scare and talk.

Shit! I can’t live this life anymore. He get up while teacher is teaching and get out of the class without his teacher permission.

What’s wrong with him? Teacher say with a scare and sweat all over his face. He knows that Kris is a power man in this school. So he don’t want to lose his job because of Kris.

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