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Pretend Love

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Chapter 2

Kris arrived home and kick his Bugatti La Voiture Noire car to reduce his stress.

“Mom I want to change my life.” Kris talk to his mom.

“What’s wrong my beloved son?” Fatima wonder what’s her son talking about!

“I really bored with this Life. Can I go to your home country and continue studying there?” Kris ask permission from his mom.

“What will you do? If I don’t allow you to go there.”
Fatima smile

“Do you think I will listen to you?” Kris look at his mom and say.

“Of course, You will not. I know you are a stubborn kid. Take care yourself when you live there.” Fatima shaking her head because of her headstrong son.

“Mom you don’t need my explanation like why I want to go there?” Kris wonder with his mom’s thinking.

“I don’t need it. I believe everything you do must have a reason.” Fatima smile at Kris.

“I’m so lucky to be your son Mom. Please take care of yourself.” Kris look at his mom and talk.

Kris lived with his mother since 2 years old. His dad died because of car accident. Fatima become a mother and also a father for Kris. In Kris eyes Fatima is a super hero for him. But in Fatima’s eyes Kris is a stubborn son and also only one beloved son for her. Kris also loves his mother so much but he rarely express it.

Kris go to his bedroom packing his luggage and set his plan for his new life and smile while writing about his it.

Plan A: Ugly looking
Plan B: Become a poor man.
Plan C: Looking for true love
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