Six Feet Under

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They say love comes in all different shapes and sizes. Well in Jenna Hernandez’s case, love came on a silver platter known as an ‘arranged marriage’. From a young age, Jenna was born and raised in the Spanish mafia. She was betrothed to a handsome and daring, yet cocky Niko Gonzalez. Jenna however absolutely hated the idea, therefore her life became a catastrophic mess bestowed on her by her parents. Kobe Thirwall may look like a handsome kind, and helpful soul, but he is anything but. In all honesty, he and his family are one of the most feared families in the city considering their ties with many rival gangs. Towards the middle of her senior year, Jenna has to move to another school halfway across New York because of her terrible past at her previous campus. However when Jenna moves, she didn’t expect to fall in love with the mysterious, handsome and absolutely kind Kobe Thirwall. Just as much, Kobe didn’t expect to fall for Jenna the first time he laid his eyes on her. Who will be six feet under when the chaos around them consumes their lives?

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“You better not mess this up, little girl. I don’t want a call from this principal about your less than delinquent actions.”

Jenna’s mother, Theresa sternly spoke with pursed features.

Jenna merely rolled her eyes to the side of her head and swirled her spoon around the soggy bowl of oatmeal.

“Jenna finish eating! I cannot be late for my meeting or you’ll be walking to school!”

Theresa hollered up the steps of their three-story mansion.

Compared to most kids who live in a luxurious house such as this, they would live a happy life, but everything isn’t as it seems.

Jenna would rather live in a homeless shelter than this hell hole of a home.

Her father is constantly working and even when he is home, he’s passed out drunk on the couch from too much alcohol.

Compared to her mother, Jenna is a fairly beautiful young lady, however, her mother likes to constantly belittle her and scrutinize the way she likes to dress.

Jenna does not understand what’s wrong with going to school in a pair of skinny jeans and a modest off-the-shoulder crop top.

It’s not like she’s going to one of her mother’s ballroom affairs, but even then, she’d still get scrutinized for her simple black dress and flats.

“Girl did you not hear me?! I said get ready to go to school or you’ll be walking!”

Theresa shrieked from where she stood and scolded her daughter for being so lazy these days.

Jenna rolled her eyes, yet again and snatched her knapsack from the velvet sofa decorated with cream cushions and sequin pillows.

Courtesy of Jenna’s younger sibling Reign, her life was a constant merry-go-round and her fourteen-year-old sibling enjoyed every second of it.


“I’m coming! Sheesh!” Jenna barked from the kitchen and scurried into the backseat of the silver Mercedes.

“I swear little girl of you mess this up-“

“Mom I heard what you said the first time. There’s no need to reiterate yourself, alright?”

That was always Jenna’s best solution at dissolving her mother’s irritation before it got out of hand and Jenna ended with her mother’s handprint on her face.

“Thank you, honey.” Theresa offered her fakest smile and reversed out of the driveway.

Jenna slumped in her seat, plugging in her AirPods, and listened to the first song that came up.

Thankfully it was one of her favorites, One Last Time by Ariana Grande.

The reason being, her family shared one playlist and they would constantly change the music without telling her.

That always annoyed her, but to avoid a fight, Jenna sheepishly agreed and kept her ‘rude’ comments to herself.

“Oh by the way dear! Did you hear? Niko has finally agreed to make you his bride! It’s going to be such a beautiful wedding and you won’t have to worry about a thing-!”

“But mom if I’m going to marry someone I want it to be for love. Not because I’m obligated to.”

The fowl scowl on her mother’s face was enough for her to keep her opinion to herself.

“Little girl I have spent far too much time building this company up and building a future for you. And for you to just through it away is absolutely selfish and I will NOT tolerate it. You will marry Niko and that’s final.”

Jenna meekly nodded her head and gazed out the window.

The luscious green grass putting a small smile on her face as it was a beautiful day and the sun was bright.

Yet her future was nothing, but a grey sky and Jenna just hoped the heavens would work in her favor.
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