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Destiny Of Love (Destiny Series Book 4)

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Azura Hayes is a bright eighteen year old girl who's compelled to work as a barista at the Henderson's five star hotel, Springwell Parkland Manor. One day she's summoned by her boss, the elusive Adrian Henderson who's the youngest of all the Henderson brothers. Scared beyond words, she goes up to his office. What happens when she meets Adrian for the first time? Why does he summon her everyday thereafter? What happens when she leaves work? Will he chase her and bring her back? Can she resist the growing attraction between them? The moment Adrian sees Azura, he falls for her fresh, natural beauty. Her innocence, her azure blue eyes attract him like a magnet. He chases her, pursues her, helps her out but what does he expect in return? Read on to find out....

Romance / Drama
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"You don't find love, it finds you. It's got a little bit to do with destiny, fate and what's written in the stars." - Anais Nin / thelovebits.com

Adrian Sebastian Henderson's POV

I was extremely disappointed with my life at present. My sister was married to the love of her life and happily settled and my three brothers were finally together with their steady girlfriends. My eldest brother Stefan was getting married in a month's time. I was the only one who couldn't find a single girl with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life. Being the youngest really sucked. My twin Julian was chasing the one with whom he envisioned his life together.

I was very jealous of all my brothers who were so whipped and happy and neck deep in love. Maybe I am destined to be alone and deprived all my life and die as a bachelor uncle to all my unborn nieces and nephews.

I parked my black Mercedes into our own private parking space of our mega hotel Springwell Parkland Manor. It's a luxurious hotel overlooking the central park and strategically located closer to New York's main attractions like Lincoln Centre, Columbus circle. Dad built this hotel first when he started his business which now is a multinational billion dollar worth venture with many branches all over the world.

I am glad that I got to look after this one for the time being as Stefan was busy with his wedding plans.

After completing my graduation in hotel management from Cornell University of Hospitality Management, I was in my last year pursuing MBA in marketing from Columbia Business School under Columbia University. I looked after the marketing aspect of our business as well as overall administration and usually worked from our Springwell Clubs and Resorts head office, a few blocks away.

Today I received a call from my older brother Tristan that I was required to go to Parkland Manor for an important conference to promote our hotels in Asian countries as well.

I reached the conference room on time, my right hand man Liam Goodwill was already present and waiting for me. The conference room was prepared and the presentation setup was ready. That was what I liked about him, punctuality and promptness. He knew exactly what was expected of him. He had been with me for a year, and being the same age as I was, I could coordinate with him better than any other person.

"Good morning Sir, everything's ready, just waiting for your approval," he said.

"Good morning, yeah, looks fine, so far," I appreciated and he smiled his robot smile. It's good that he is always professional and doesn't show much emotion around me, I hated such public display of emotions at workplaces.

I sat down and took out my laptop as Liam summoned the other members of the marketing and administrative team, to attend the meeting.

We had selected five Asian cities, where we would collaborate with a local hotel industry giant and construct our Springwell group of hotels.

The meeting was highly successful as we discussed the prospects of the joint venture. The next meeting would be the signing of the deal. Satisfied with my presentation at such short notice, I decided to take a 10 minute break before heading to the head office. I went to the CEO's office where Stefan sometimes worked, and sat checking the files Liam emailed me as well as my schedule that he prepared for me for the day.

I could feel a headache coming, after a night out at a bar, with Theo and Xander, my childhood best friends, I was stuck with a hangover in the morning. Thankfully I took a tylenol in the morning before Tristan's call.

"Sir, do you need a coffee?" Liam asked as I realised how badly I needed one. My housekeeper Julia sucked at making coffee. I always make my own, but today I had a presentation to prepare for, so I only had a sip of her watery coffee since morning.

"Yeah, the best coffee here, with something light for breakfast please," I said relieved that I wouldn't need to go to the Starbucks shop a few blocks away.

"Right sir," he said and left.

I was reading the file for my next meeting, when Liam came in with a cup of steaming coffee served with a burrito sliced into bite sized pieces along with banana muffins.

After he left, my mouth watered at the delicious food, I realised then how hungry I really was. The coffee tasted so good, perfect actually. The way I like it. I never had such a refreshing coffee in my life. The breakfast was equally, amazingly delicious. It was then that I decided I wanted this coffee and breakfast every day. Liam appeared after I called him.

"Summon the person who made my coffee and the one who prepared my breakfast, immediately," I ordered as Liam's eyes widened with apprehension.

"Sir, there's a new barista who made your coffee and breakfast. I can assure you that this will never be repeated. Please don't take any action," said Liam as he fiddled with his hands.

"Go, Liam, do as you're told," I told him irritatedly.

"Right sir," he said and dragged his feet out.

After waiting impatiently for ten minutes there was a knock on my door and Liam entered, followed by a girl.

Wait a minute! A girl? I looked up to have a good look at her. She was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen in my entire twenty-three years of life. She couldn't be more than 18 years of age, with dark chocolate brown hair, fixed up in a bun, big doe shaped eyes, long curled lashes and small kissable lips and creamy complexion. Her face was without any trace of makeup, as she nervously looked at the floor standing in front of me. Was she unaware of her drop dead gorgeous looks? She was wearing the uniform of our hotel, deep maroon pencil skirt and white blouse.

"Sir, this is Azura Hayes, she's the barista who made your coffee and breakfast today," he introduced as he looked at me with a worried look.

"Thank you Liam, I will call you if needed," I told him as he nodded and left. My eyes seemed to have a will of their own. I just couldn't take my eyes off her. So I sat there mesmerised by her as she fiddled with her fingers.

Then she looked up at me and I was too dumbstruck by her ocean blue twinkling eyes to even form a sentence.

"I'm sorry sir, please don't fire me," she said as she looked at the floor again.

I came to my senses. What was I doing here sitting and staring at a girl so much younger than I was? "I won't," I stated in a serious tone. "Just get me another cup after two hours."

She stared at me dumbfounded with her mesmerising eyes wide with so many questions reflected in them.

"What?" I asked at her expression.

She said,"Sorry, I didn't get you," and again looked at me, biting her lip with nervousness.

"Don't do that," I said as my eyes travelled to her luscious lips, waiting to be ravished. I couldn't focus on anything else, my mind struggling to stay sane and behave like a professional employer.

"What sir?" She asked in confusion.

I couldn't take it anymore. I got up from my seat and reached her in three strides. Where did this angel drop down from? Her innocent blue eyes were drawing me towards her, like a magnet. I stopped right behind her leaving very little space between us, as she turned around to face me. She tried to move backwards, but was trapped by my desk behind her.

"I want another cup of your coffee after two hours. No sugar, I've got a headache, it will help me focus. Got it now?" I told her slowly as she blushed at our nearness and looked down.

She was more beautiful from so close. Her thick eyelashes touched her cheekbones. I wanted her to look up into my eyes, desperately. I softly touched her chin as she trembled a little. I smiled inwardly at her reaction to my touch. I made her look up at me,"You will bring me my coffee, okay?" I said. I had to ensure that I would see her after two hours.

"Yeah," she said as I stroked her baby soft skin on her chin. I was too lost in her eyes to think about anything else.

"Sir, can I leave?" She mumbled as I realised what I was doing. My hands dropped at my sides. I went back to my chair.

"Yes," I said as I looked at my laptop.

Azura turned around and walked out. I couldn't help staring at her retreating figure, the skirt hugged her shapely hips, her small waist, her smooth, creamy never ending legs waiting for my caress. Oh God, what am I thinking?

I tried to focus on work, but it seemed all my mind could think about was when the two hours would be over and Azura would come with my coffee.

Only, she did not come with my coffee. I was furious, after instructing her specifically to personally bring my coffee, how could she ignore my orders. The moment Liam came in with my coffee, I saw red. I got up from my seat and said," I don't need it, you can have it," and left in search of the hotel's cafe.

Upon entering the cafe, my eyes searched for Azura everywhere. When I couldn't find her, I went to the back kitchen. There was silence as I entered, every one stopping their work and staring at me. I looked around and saw Azura at a corner, with her back towards me, busy making coffee. I went to her in two strides.

"Why didn't you bring my coffee?" I asked her as she looked up at me in surprise. There was a pin drop silence in the room, as everyone just stood at attention and stared at us. I just looked around and gestured with my hands,"You all can continue with what you're doing."

The manager of the cafe came rushing forward," Is there anything you needed sir?" He asked with a pale face.

"Yes, coffee. Make sure that Azura makes it and brings it up to my office, now. I have a meeting in thirty minutes," I instructed him as I left the cafe without a backward glance.

In ten minutes, Azura came with my coffee. My mood lightened upon seeing her. "Keep it on that table," I instructed her, pointing towards the centre table before the loveseat in my office.

I got up and sat down on it. "Sit," I said to Azura pointing beside me as her eyes widened in surprise.

"I'll leave you to enjoy your coffee sir," she said as she turned to leave.

I lunged forward and caught her wrist, bringing her towards the seat and making her sit beside me, close to me. Her skirt hitched as she sat. She was stunned by my actions, I could say. Her legs brushed mine and I couldn't help staring at her creamy exposed thighs. With pink flushed cheeks she quickly tried to cover her legs but failed. She tried to shift away from me, but the seat was only a two-seater, so she couldn't go far, much to my satisfaction.

I sipped my coffee, staring at her, while she looked down, fidgeting with her hands. "How old are you?" I asked.

"Eighteen," she said. I guessed right then.

"You don't go to college?"

"I'm studying online," she answered as I nodded. "I'm doing an undergraduate program in Culinary Arts. I received a 75% scholarship for the course," she told me as her eyes shone with excitement.

I just couldn't take my eyes off her. "That's wonderful. You're very good at it actually. I've tasted your stuff," I confessed as she blushed.

"Thank you, sir," she said as she looked elsewhere than me. She was embarrassed, I could say. She
looked so cute trying to avoid my eyes as I stared intently at her.

"I have a meeting in 15 minutes. You will bring me coffee after the meeting, ok? Liam will call you," I told her.

"Yes sir," she said with lowered eyes.

"Adrian," I corrected her as she turned to look into my eyes. I was drowned in their blue depths.

"What sir?" She asked.

"Call me Adrian. That's my name," I told her as she nodded.

"I-I can't, you're my employer, sir," she stammered.

I wanted to see her mouth say my name, I wanted her to call me. "I insist, else I will fire you," I told her to scare her.

"Please sir," she said.

"Say my name Azura," I said as I caught her wrist to stop her from escaping.

"I need to go, you have a meeting coming up," she said as she tried to extricate her hand from my grip.

"They can wait, say my name," I insisted.

"Adrian please," she whispered and I left her wrist and sat stumped staring at her heatedly. I wanted to kiss her, taste the sweet mouth which whispered my name making it sound like a sweet melody. She picked up the coffee cup and blushing furiously, rushed out.

My heartbeats thundered inside my chest. I wanted to be with her again, I wanted to sit beside her, talk to her, hold her soft, delicate hand in mine, smell her intoxicating scent of roses and vanilla. Maybe she's the one for me? I had never felt this way with any girl before.


I have visualized Channing Tatum as Adrian Henderson

That's how Adrian met Azura. He felt the connection with her from the moment he set his eyes upon her. What about Azura?

Did she feel attracted to Adrian?

Read on to find out.

Hope you liked this chapter.


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