Destiny Of Love (Destiny Series Book 4)

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Away From Her

"Thinking of you is easy, I do it everyday since I met you. Missing you is the heartache that never goes away."

Chapter 2

Adrian's POV

I sat there taking in the surroundings. How could anyone live here? Was she an orphan? She was just eighteen, and exquisitely beautiful. Was this place safe for her? Did she live alone? Whom did she live with? These thoughts kept revolving in my mind as I drove back home.

At my doorstep my phone buzzed,"Yes dad," I answered the call. My dad, Nathaniel Henderson still actively managed our businesses with me and my brothers, Stefan, Tristan and my twin Julian. Our eldest sister, Stefan's twin, Claire was already married with a child. She was a hair stylist and therapist, she didn't have any interest in our businesses. She had her own hair salons in California.

Dad wanted me to fly to California tonight to handle the press conference there at our main hotel in LA, Springwell Grand Suites which is included in the Forbes list of elite hotels this year.

"Yes dad, I'll be at the airport in an hour." I said as he disconnected the call.

My life couldn't get worse. I trudged off to my bedroom to pack for the three day trip. I had a press conference to attend to, as well as conduct a training workshop for the marketing team of the hotel there.

I reached the airport in record time. The private jet was ready for me. Stefan would join me after the press conference tomorrow. It was already late, so I just had a glass of hot milk and retired to one of the luxurious bedrooms of the jet and went to sleep, dreaming of Azura.

I reached the hotel next morning and directly went up to the executive suite to freshen up. The press conference would start in the later half of the day, so I collaborated with the PR and the marketing team of the hotel and jointly prepared for the press conference. Stefan would arrive in the evening for the workshop tomorrow and some financial aspect which he needed to oversee.

The press conference started an hour later than the scheduled time. We covered every aspect minutely that we wanted to advertise. After a successful afternoon, we applauded one another and rested for the day.

I had no energy left to go visit Claire, as she had demanded that I do after the conference. I just slept till evening. When the initial tiredness wore off, I started missing Azura. What she must be doing? Did she miss me like I missed her? I closed my eyes and felt her in my arms, imagined her intoxicating scent, remembered her azure blue eyes looking into my soul, questioning my feelings for her. How could I survive without her for two more days, I didn't have a clue.

Stefan came and we discussed the press conference and went out to eat. Later we went to a pub and had a few drinks and returned to sleep at the hotel.

The next two days were very hectic for me. I didn't get to interact much with Stefan too. I was busy with the workshop and he was busy at the finance department. At night we would just have dinner together and sleep exhausted. I could tell that he was missing Anna very much. He kept looking at her pictures on his mobile, trying to be as discreet as possible, but I knew.

I didn't have any picture of Azura to watch. I had only a few minutes of memory with her. I decided to ask for her number when I met her next. If I had her number at least I could have talked to her.

The workshop ended but I had to help Stefan too, so I was stuck in LA longer than expected. The whole week we worked overtime and completed all the financial auditing and tax affairs of the hotel.

By Friday, Stefan and I were glad to be able to go home. He went to his house and I went home, freshened up and left for Parkland Manor.

Liam brought me my coffee much to my disappointment,"Sir, Azura hasn't come to work for two consecutive days," he informed me. I was too disappointed to even utter a word. I just nodded and sipped the coffee that he brought.

I had just come here to see Azura. Was she unwell? I couldn't take it anymore. I just got up and decided to see for myself. So I drove to Brooklyn, to the house where I had dropped her.

Parking at the side, I cautiously walked inside the building. There were two doors which were open, and two women gossiping and laughing among themselves. I approached them as they looked at me with weird expressions, taking in my navy suit and white shirt and tie,"Can you tell me where Azura Hayes lives?" I asked as they suddenly looked at each other and chuckled.

"You've come two days late, mister. They've all been kicked out," one of them said with a laugh. I was confused as ever. Kicked out?

"I don't get you," I asked as she cut me and spoke too loudly,"There were four girls living with Azura in that two roomed apartment. One of them shifted to live with her boyfriend. The other left the city. Another of them completed her studies and left for her hometown. So Azura and her friend couldn't pay the rent for the last two months. So our landlord kicked them out two days back," she said as she nodded her head in disapproval.

I was dumbstruck at the information I received, "Thank you," I said in a robotic voice and turned and walked out to my car. What next? Did she leave the job? I felt too choked to even breathe. Did I lose her forever? What do I do now?

My mind stopped working and I went home to drown myself in whiskey and wallow in self pity. My tired body and mind wouldn't cooperate so tomorrow I would think of a strategy to chase Azura with a fresh mind.


Adrian is really into Azura. He missed Azura so much the entire time that he was away from her. Did she miss him?

What will Adrian do when he returns? How far will he pursue Azura?

Read on to find out.

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