Destiny Of Love (Destiny Series Book 4)

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Chasing Azura

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." -

Chapter 3

Adrian's POV

I have never learnt to give up. It was something which didn't feature in my dictionary. So I called up Theo and Xander and met at a cafe and discussed the issue.

" I suggest we hire a PI," said Xander as he sipped his coffee.

"We could contact my PI, David Simpson, he's too good, an ex navy seal," suggested Theo.

"That's it, call him, now, " I said impatiently.

Theo called him and handed the phone to me. We had a detailed discussion, he took my contact information and details about Azura. I told him all I knew which wasn't enough, but that was what I knew about her. Nevertheless he promised to try his best.

"Now, what?" I asked as I disconnected the call.

"Wait for him to call you back," said Xander.

"You can keep an overnight luggage packed with enough to last 2-3 days," suggested Theo as I nodded.

We had a light breakfast and went home. I was disturbed the whole day and waited impatiently for any information the PI could gather about Azura. Liam didn't have any information. She had not applied for any leave or hand in her resignation. Her employee file contained the old Brooklyn address which I had gone to, with no phone number and no other details.

Theo arrived after lunch, to give me company. Xander had to leave for Seattle on work, so it was just the two of us waiting impatiently.

Finally, the wait was over and the PI called us in the afternoon.

"We have traced Miss Hayes to Fairbanks Creek, Texas. It's a small town in Randall County, Texas. Apparently she's staying with her family there," he informed us.

"Can you give us the exact address?" Asked Theo.

"Yeah, I'll send you an sms," said his PI.

"Thanks David, you will be rewarded handsomely for this," said Theo as he disconnected the call.

David's sms alert had us peering into Theo's phone for the address.

"That's it, I'm going to Texas now," I said getting up.

"Whoa, wait for me dude. I'll come with you," said Theo. He called his housekeeper to pack some clothes and essentials for him in a small suitcase.

"Okay, let me make a call," I said. I called dad asking for our private jet. Dad agreed and asked us to reach the airport in 3 hours. So taking my already packed luggage, we stopped at Theo's house and collecting his luggage, left for the airport.

It was 6 am in the morning when we reached the Buffalo airport in Randall County, Texas. It took us 20 minutes in a dusty old cab to reach Fairbanks Creek, in Amarillo, Randall County but we weren't complaining. At least we didn't have to walk down so early in the morning. Another ten minutes to search for the address David had given to us, as we didn't know the owner's name.

We came to know that this place was pretty famous with tourists, a major tourist attraction. Palo Duro Canyon, the second-largest canyon in the United States, is located in Randall County.

The sleepy quiet village was a contrast from the hustle and bustle of New York, a city which never sleeps. There were farms and ranches around, with people busy working and tending to their animals or crops. Fenced fields growing crops like Alfalfa, wheat and corn were predominantly visible.

Leaving a trail of dust, the cab came to a halt in front of an old two storied shabby ranch which had seen better days. There was a rundown farm around the house, with cows, buffaloes and chicken. A small patch in the corner of the farm had some wheat being cultivated.

A young girl, around twenty years of age, with emerald green eyes, shining blonde long hair, wearing a pair of denims and a black printed top, and a blue apron, came forward towards the rickety gate. Have we come at the wrong address? This wasn't Azura. Where is Azura?

Theo's jaw dropped at the sight of the girl while her eyes widened seeing us with our luggage. Before I could ask her about Azura.

"Azzee, come soon," she yelled at the top of her lungs and Azura wearing a pair of denim shorts and a red tank top came rushing out with her waist long hair, wet and untied, flying about her. I stood like a statue, staring at her, unable to move, unable to speak.

It was then that she saw me. Her mouth opened and closed, her eyes widened in shock, she stood staring back at me as if she'd seen a ghost or something.

The girl cleared her throat as Azura came to her senses,"Sir, what are you doing here?" She asked in a squeaky forced voice.

"I came to see you," I replied as I nudged Theo out of his dreamland.

"Ow, bro," he said with a grin."Sorry ladies, I got a bit carried away. I'm Theodore Sinclair, your boyfriend's best friend," he said to Azura as she blushed like a tomato while the other girl grinned, wiggling her eyebrows at Azura. "And you are?" He asked the other girl.

My cheeks reddened too with embarrassment. The cheeky fellow! I stamped his foot as he limped about melodramatically. "You're a dinosaur or what?" He glared at me as he winced in pain. "So, what's your name angel?" He asked the girl again as she giggled at the nickname.

"I'm Emerald Hayes, Azura's cousin," she said as Theo grinned,"Emerald will you help me inside? I need to sit," he said as I rolled my eyes.

"Wait, Azzee, you didn't introduce me to your boyfriend?" She asked Azura who looked at me shyly.

I would kill to be her boyfriend, so I really didn't correct her. "Emmy, he isn't my .. " Azura started saying but Emerald interrupted her in the middle,"Oh yeah, he's not your boyfriend, I get it."

"He's Adrian Henderson, my boss, the owner of the hotel where I work," she said innocently trying to convince her cousin.

"And your boyfriend obviously, else why should your boss hunt you down? Unless you owe him lots of money, do you now?"she asked suspiciously.

"Oh no," said Azura in panic.

"Angel, I'm waiting for someone to take me inside," said Theo as Emerald rushed to his side and helped him inside the house. Theo, with his hand around Emerald's shoulders winked at me before leaving. The wicked trickster!

As they left, I put down my luggage, and in two strides, went to her and caught hold of her arm. She looked up at me, with her mesmerising blue eyes and trembling lips,"Why did you leave without a word?" I whisper shouted at her. "I went to your house, you had evacuated. I went to the hotel, you didn't come for work."

"I-I, sir.. " she stammered, but I couldn't take it anymore. I just pulled her into my arms, and smashed my lips to hers.


Adrian chased her all the way to Texas. He didn't give up hope. His best friend Theodore helped him stay focused on his mission - to win Azura.

He finally lost control and kissed Azura.

What will happen now?

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