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Past, Present, Future

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26 year old Jamie Morton has been haunted by her past, wanting to move on and start a fresh life, she relocates to Italy, where everything will change. Meeting along Friends, Lover and Enemies, she embarks on her journey but will she survive? Or will her past catch up with her?

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

August 15-The Past

Jamie walked into a jazz club hugging a coat tight. She did not need to show the guard her ID as she was already a regular customer. As she strolled in, she slid into one of the bar stools, "The usual." The bartender asked.

"Yes, please." Jamie replied turning herself around to face the stage. A band was performing and her friend, Richardson, was leading the song. "Your cocktail, ma'am." Jamie turned and thanked the bartender.

She stood up and sat at her usual table. Once the stage finished, soft clapping erupted and Richardson and his band bowed and left the stage. Richardson spotted her as he was talking to his band members. He excused himself and took long strides towards her.

"Good evening Ma'am, I hope you enjoyed our lovely performance." He said in a low voice, curtsying. "Thank you sir, I really enjoyed it." They both at each other with serious faces before laughing.

"How is New York treating you? Any love interest? Any high paying jobs?" Richardson asked keenly sitting down next to Jamie.

"New York is amazing and I'm still single," Jamie said laughing, "And unfortunately non of the companies have responded."

Silence took over. Richardson did not want to make Jamie uncomfortable. The government weren't paying their employees under them the amount they had agreed to. Jamie did not have any other choice but to be under the government when she moved to New York.

She only had enough money to buy herself food and a few nights at a motel. Luckily as she came across the Jazz Lounge for the first time, she met Richardson. Richardson introduced her to a few jobs but all were low paying jobs.

Jamie did not have the to time to complain, all she needed was the money to fend for herself. Richardson noticed Jamie had stargazed. He held her hand as a reassurance that everything will be okay.

Jamie leaving for New York was not an easy decision to make. She left her family behind in Australia to move on from her past that lingered in the streets of Melbourne. Her parents thought she was overreacting and forced her to stay in Melbourne but Jamie knew what she was facing.

Richardson snapped Jamie back into the world of the living. "Want to give it a shot?" He asked tilting his head to the stage. Jamie laughed and quickly declined the offer. "You know I've got a voice of a horse." She said laughing.

Richardson was about to drag her to the stage when gunshots ejected. Throaty screams and cries were heard. Richardson hid Jamie under the table, covering her ears. Not long after a daunting voice boomed into the Jazz Lounge. "Take each and every one of them, don't leave any behind."

Both Jamie and Richardson did not know what they meant but they hid quietly. A table was thrown across the room, Jamie and Richardson were exposed to a man who had a hideous scar on his face. "Boss," the man shouted, "I think you will like this one."

Another man emerged from the shadows. He had a greasy fat face. He licked his lips hungrily and inched to touch her. Richardson got in defensive mode and blocked him away from Jamie. The 'boss' got angry and pulled the trigger on Richardson.

Heavy cries erupted from Jamie's throat. She saw a big puddle of blood around Richardson. Before she could act, she was pulled away and thrown into a van. She looked down and saw the blood of Richardson on her hands.

She looked around and saw she was the only one in the van. Jamie looked out of the small window and two other girls were being dragged to another black van. The van's engine roared and started its journey.

All Jamie could hear was laughter in the front of the van. She didn't try to scream because she knew it was useless, they were cold blooded killers. Jamie sat in the corner of the van, crying silently, praying someone would save her.

What scared Jamie the most was what they were going to do with her.

Soon the van came to a stop. Jamie looked up with bloodshot eyes, her cheeks stained. She got dragged out of the van hitting the hard ground. "Careful your hurting my priced possession." The fat greased man said.

The doors of the mansion opened. Jamie was greeted with a girl in a maid's outfit. She look around seventeen and was shaking vigorously. "Can you stop shaking for one damn minute you bitch?!" One of the workers shouted.

She shook even more with silent tears rolling down her cheeks. Jamie herself had tears. Jamie was pushed inside and taken to a room. One thing she noticed was that all the outfits the girls wore were very short, you could almost see everything.

Jamie in a million years did not think this would happen to her.
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