You Were Always Mine

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Cannot Believe His Audacity


I cannot believe him. What is he even doing here? I was having a good time, losing my father’s hard-earned money at the slot machines, then I hear a voice say hello. Turn and there he is Aquarius Stevens, in all his glory. I thought he was staying home this weekend and going for a swim. Obviously, he just must ruin my fun.

Oh, and my mother and I are going to have a nice long talk about her actions today. Doesn’t she realize that this is not my friend? That this guy confuses me more than anyone else ever has? Both just being him, and with my emotional state. How I feel about him is odd. I know we aren’t close in any way, shape, or form. There’s a part of me though that feels like I’m safe with him, feels like for some reason he’s mine.

“Where are you taking me?” He stops in the hallway, next to a bathroom. What the Hell?

Before I can say another word, he takes my arms, and wraps them around his neck. He places his hands along my hips, and he starts to sway. From side to side. Looking deep into my eyes, for some strange reason this feels completely normal for us.

“I know you don’t understand why we are doing this, but someday you will.” He just smiles at me.

For some reason I don’t want to fight him right now. In a way I kind of like this moment we are having together. So, I just continue to sway with him, and look into his eyes. All while people are walking by us, rolling their eyes in our direction, and giving us weird looks. That’s all right though because I see only him.

He clears his throat after a couple minutes. I know he is trying to say something, but for some reason he’s having a hard time with it. I ask him if everything Is all right, and he answers with his own question. A question that makes my heartbeat race, and makes my knees grow weak.

“Can I kiss you Tilly? I don’t just want to, I need to. I crave it like I haven’t craved anything before in my entire life.” I don’t know what possesses me to do it, but I give him a nod.

His lips touch mine so fast, that at my sudden intake of breath from the shock, leaves my mouth open. He dives his tongue right in. It is the best kiss of my life. Suddenly, I have butterflies flying around in my stomach, and goose bumps are all along my body. His kisses make me feel alive, and for some strange reason I feel like this is what we are meant to do.

I feel as though I could be falling for Aquarius Stevens. That thought is one of the most confusing and amazing thoughts I have ever had. I barely know him, but for some reason I feel like I’ve known him all my life. Which technically I basically have, since second grade anyway.

Although, this kiss, the feeling I have for this man as he kisses me with everything he has. He feels right to me. I feel like I’ve been lost my entire time, and now I’ve found my way home. He is my home.

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