You Were Always Mine

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Back At School


Haven’t seen Tilly in a couple days. After our kiss and little dance at the casino she spent the rest of her evening with me. We played on the slot machines and talked for hours over dinner. Now here it is Tuesday, I know she skipped yesterday because she is feeling confused about my actions. More importantly, about her feelings for me.

However, if she thinks she can skip school days, and her feelings will just go away she is sadly mistaken. As I make my way to second period, I see she didn’t skip today after all. She looks up from the book she’s reading at her desk, and her eyes lock with mine. Her cheeks turn a deep red, and she buries her nose back in her book so fast.

She must be the most adorable person I have ever laid eyes on. And she is all mine. I make my way to the desk beside her and sit down. Facing my body her way, I give her a few moments to acknowledge my presence.

I must give it to her; she’s making me sweat it quite a bit. I guess this one time I can let her win. I’ll be the first to talk.

“So, how was your weekend?” When she puts her book down on the desk and swings her head my way, I give her my best knowing smile. She wants to fight it. I must give it to her she tries her best, but as usual I win, and she gives me that magnificent smile of hers.

Clearing her throat, she sits up a little straighter in her chair. “It was nice.” I give her my ‘are you serious look’. I know there is more to that answer then what she is giving me. I’m going to get everything she wants to say one way or another. Even if I must fight her for it.

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