You Were Always Mine

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She Can't Escape Me


I wait, for her to turn around. I know she plans to tell me off, but before she can I box her in with my arms. I wait for her to look me in my eyes before I say what I came into the girl’s bathroom, yes you heard me right the girl’s bathroom, just so I can get all this out.

“Look at me.” When she does, I can see tears building in her eyes. I know she is afraid. She’s scared that I’ll hurt her or treat her poorly. Like so many men have done in her life. I’m not her family, or other men. It’s about time she realizes that.

“I love you.” She goes to interrupt me, but I stop her before she can. I place the smallest of kisses on her lips. When I find her eyes again, I finish my thought.

“I love you, I am madly, deeply, head over heels in love with you. Now I know it don’t make sense to you, and you’re probably thinking I’m up to something. Even that if it is true what if he hurts me? I can promise you this I am not the men in your family. I will not treat you poorly. I am not just looking for an easy lay, and to get in your pants.”

Her tears begin to fall. I bring my hands up to wipe them away. I bring her face into my chest and hold her. To bring not only her comfort, but the contact and comfort we both need.

“I have loved you for years. You are beautiful inside and out. No matter what happens I will love you forever. You are my world, my everything.” I bring her face up to mine so she can see how serious I am. How much I mean what I say.

“You are my forever and always.”

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