You Were Always Mine

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Our Life Together


The next day, I woke up expecting it to be another school day, but when I awoke from my dreams, I saw our bedroom at our house. Looking over I saw my beautiful wife, hair all disarray from the night’s sleep. Our dogs each in their beds on the floor, and heard our cats meowing and scratching at the door.

Then, I took a few moments to think back to our past. Everything had happened, it had worked. So, I know it wasn’t a dream. I remember vividly after our talk in the girl’s bathroom we wound up missing class all together. We stayed in the locked room kissing like there was no tomorrow.

For the rest of the school year, I did nothing, but spend my time with her. I also got to know a little more about Diamond and Ashlynn. They were and still are the best friends. They spent so much time together, so it was kind of hard not to get to know them. After their interrogations, and what are your intentions with our best friend questions they accepted me with open arms.

Her family was no different. Her brother was only glad to have another boy around the house more, her parents liked me well enough, and her sisters just did similar things as her friends. Once all interrogations were out of the way things went great with us.

My old “friends” if that is what you want to call them. Didn’t understand why I was suddenly with her and having nothing to do with them, but I didn’t see the point in pretending when I know after about a year of me being in the military they weren’t going to be around anyway.

Speaking of military, this life has been hard for her. With all her mental disabilities, but we have helped each other through it all. Her family and friends, as well as my family were a big part of us making it all these years.

We have made it twelve years together, and now I am just waiting to see what the rest of our lives have in store for us.

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