You Were Always Mine

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Life With the One I Love


I can feel him looking at me. I can’t help but smile and give away that I’m up as well. “Good morning beautiful.” That’s what he says every morning. The name beautiful is what he calls me every day. My smile just grows.

“Come here.” When I open my eyes, he has his arms open wide. Making room for me on his side of the bed to cuddle. As he holds me in his arms, I can’t help but think of how this all happened. How this persistent man won me over.

When he told me, he was in love with me that day, I couldn’t help but give him the benefit of the doubt. Let him show me what he was saying was true. My friends were a bit skeptical. Especially Diamond, she said ‘I like him, he is one of the nice ones, but just be careful.’ He eventually won her, my friend Ashlynn, and my entire family over.

We have had some rough times in the beginning of our relationship. Him being in the military and going on deployments was a tough situation for me. When he returned from his first time overseas, he immediately asked me to marry him. I of course said yes, and my father married us in my parents living room. We had a small get together for the occasion. We had our bigger wedding with everyone, years later. When things settled down more.

Here we are present day, and the life we have built together is amazing. We have two cats, and two dogs. Working on children. We both decided even if it doesn’t happen for us, we still have each other and that is the most important thing of all. Because he is my life, and I am his world.

I look up into his eyes, seeing a bright smile on his face. “I love you baby.” He smiles and says, “yea I know.” I tap him on the arm, the wise ass, “oh, I mean I love you too.” Making me laugh.

“I love you mostest, forever and ever,” then before he can utter another word I quickly say, “I win.”

Before he even says anything, I know what will come out of his mouth next. Sure, enough he answers with “plus one beautiful, plus one.” Meaning no matter what I say he adds a one to it, meaning he wins. Dang him!

“Well fine,” I scoot away to pout. He laughs at me, calls me his odder (because I am an odd person, but I’m his odd person. Therefore, the nickname his odder.) He grabs me by the waste and drags me along the bed to his side again. I cuddle up and listen to his heartbeat.

Can’t help but think how so many events lead us here. To one another. Giving me the best life, I could ever have wished for. I am truly, madly, deeply in love with him. As he is me. That is all we need to make it through anything this world throws our way.

We will always have each other. After all I was always his to begin with…

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