You Were Always Mine

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Off to School to Find my Love


After making my way down the stairs, I ate breakfast as fast as I could. Mom asked if everything was all right. Had to explain of course it was, I’m just in a hurry to get to school. What she doesn’t know is I’m on a mission. Must get to Tilly and soon. I’m going to make her mine now.

I do my usual route heading towards school. I stop into Stewart’s Shop to grab a doughnut, and something to drink. Within ten minutes I’m at the front doors to the school. Seeing the buses just coming up the hill. I need to head in, and to home room so I can start my expedition to claim the love of my life today.

I make a quick stop to my locker, to get a couple books I may need for class, and gradually make my way to home room. I find the desk in the back corner, trying to stay conspicuous. I remember how I used to talk with everyone all the time in high school.

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t care about any one of them now. They basically ditch me in the future because I went into the Navy. After a couple years, they all stop talking to me. So that just goes to show they aren’t important in my life.

I get out of my head when I hear her laugh. My beautiful wife is out in the hall right now. She’s about to come in here, and for some reason I’m nervous and excited all wrapped in one. I remember everything that is going to happen someday, but I know she doesn’t remember anything about our future together. To her I’m just Aquarius Stevens, the guy that was friendly with everyone, and hung out with all the bitches as she so boldly describes them.

Looking up towards the door, I see her beautiful red hair first. She’s standing just outside the door, facing the hallway talking to I can only guess Ashlynn her best friend. They were inseparable in high school. Sure enough, she turns around with a brilliant smile lighting her face and walks in with Ashlynn beside her.

They take a seat in the front of the room, and I can’t quite hear what they are saying. Their mouths are going a hundred miles a minute. She looks beautiful. She’s wearing her usual black and gray shirt, with stripes. A pair of jeans haven’t seen her wear a pair of those in years, and a pair of sneakers. She keeps laughing at whatever Ashlynn is saying.

She’s just as beautiful now as she is in our future. The only differences between her past self and present day are she has a bigger chest (which I do not complain about at all) and thicker thighs. Still the most gorgeous woman in the world to me. I’m about to get up and talk with her when I hear my name being called.

Oh, right I have to say here. I forgot that this is what homeroom is all about. I tell the teacher I am here, and she goes on down the list. The next thing we hear are the announcements being said over the school intercom. To be honest I never truly listened to them even when I was in school, but now I’m not for completely different reasons. My one sole purpose for being here. The red headed beauty in the front row.

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