You Were Always Mine

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This day has dragged by. We have had one class together this entire morning, and she is in the front whereas I sat in the back. Patty and Tiff kept talking to me. Apparently, because I wasn’t really listening nor paying attention to anything they have been saying all morning I’m an asshole. They are pissed at me. Oh well I will sleep simply fine tonight.

The bell rings, and I know I now have lunch. Finally, a place she cannot escape me. It may be strange to her, but I’m sitting with her and Ashlynn today. We need to talk. I must make her see we are meant to be together, and to fall in love with me now. Shouldn’t be too hard since in our future she fell in love with me through text messages the very first day we really talked.

I start waiting in line, unfortunately Nathan and Topher follow me. They stand behind me trying to talk my ear off about something insignificant. I’m not sure how to respond because I know the old high school me would be all over the conversation, but who I am right now just wants to get to Tilly. I’m not sure how much time I have here, and I don’t want to waste a minute on mundane things that don’t mean much to me.

So instead, I keep my focus looking inside the cafeteria from the hallway, watching for her to enter and sit at her usual table. I know she should be getting in there. She’s usually always at the front of the line. In the future she told me she knows I barely noticed her when we were in school, but she is very wrong. I have always been, and still am very observant. I paid attention to little details like that.

Just as they are talking about playing games this weekend, I see her. Well technically I first see her hair. She’s one of very few red heads here in our school. However, her hair isn’t like the others. It’s a lighter color and has light blonde mixed in the color. She’s always proud that her hair is all natural.

I watch as her and Ashlynn take a seat at the table. They’re laughing again. Whenever they were together in class, and anywhere in school they were always laughing. I believe that’s why I wrote in her yearbook I would remember her for two things. Red and being kind of loud. Ha!

“Hey, you even paying attention to me.” Nathan grabs a hold of my arm. Drawing my attention his way.

“Not in the least.” I shrug my shoulders, showing them just how much I don’t care.

“What is wrong with you today?” Nathan and Topher look at me like I have two heads.

“Nothing, just not into things today. Have other things on my mind is all.” Noticing the line move up, I move up with it.

Grabbing a tray I grab some pizza, a milk, and some apple pie for dessert. I pay for my lunch and make my way into the cafeteria. I start to walk in her direction.

“Hey, where are you going?” I hear both asking, but I completely ignore them. I have the most important person in my sights. They are already forgotten.

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