You Were Always Mine

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Ashlynn and I just got done laughing our butts off at the joke I made about one of our teachers, when we hear a tray slide along our table. I look up to see our friend Davie sitting in front of us, but instead of blue eyes looking back at me they are brown. A gorgeous brown, and the eyes of Aquarius Stevens, one of the nicer guys in our class. What he is doing here though I have no idea. Is he lost?

“You lost?” I speak my thoughts out loud. Instead of answering me he just gives me a smile. What is going on? He never sits with us. He’s usually with the bitches over there at his normal table. Who just happen to give our table the stink eye as we speak?

“Nope, I’m right where I am supposed to be.” He answers with a smile.

Okay, so he must be here for Ashlynn. None of the guys in our school like me. They think I’m a stuck up, outspoken, weird bitch. Their words exactly. Plus, I am not really known as the most beautiful in our class. I have medium length red hair, long skinny legs, a flat stomach, and jade green eyes.

Ashlynn, has long blonde hair, an amazingly fit body (I only know this because every guy checks her out.) She has hazel eyes, and she is one of the more popular girls. She plays soccer which helps with her being popular with our classmates. Why she’s friends with me sometimes I wonder, but I love her.

`She’s one of the nicest people I know. Unlike many of the athletes. I love her like a sister. She’s beautiful, sweet, athletic, and intelligent.

I on the other hand keep to myself, throw my opinions around, and speak my mind. I refuse to give any of the guys any of my attention because they aren’t worthy of it in my mind. Although, Aquarius is one of the good ones in our class, however he still hangs out with all the popular, stuck up girls. So, we can’t be friends. So, I don’t know what he thinks he is doing sitting here.

I cross my arms over my chest and give him my evil eye. Unlike, other people that would be put off and uncomfortable by my actions, his smile only grows. What is with him?

“Look, you can flirt and check out Ashlynn in your next class you have together. Right now, it’s our lunchtime. We like to just sit here together and bullshit. You know have a good time.” I know my head is shaking as I’m telling him all this, I can’t help it. My redheaded temper comes out when I’m mad or upset.

“I promise you can touch her arm or check out her ass later. Right now, it’s our time, so off with you now.” I wave him away, and Ashlynn rolls her eyes at my antics. She knows that a lot of the guys like to check her out and flirt with her, so she isn’t offended by anything I’m saying.

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